Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Margie....anybody look familliar up there on the stage?

Monday, May 26, 2008

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah...

Im not exactly WHY the blog is on the fritz. Ive just been exhausted everytime I get home, and just dont have the energy lately to put out a quality post on Sundays. But, as you will see, I have about FIFTY pics from the last two weeks to pacify you until I get motivated to post again. Please let me know if you or anyone is still even reading this, because if nobody is, I wont post anymore. Im posting pics from Rugby Alumni weekend, Sarah's Bachelorette Party and the Taste fo Cincy this weekend. As for other random updates:
  • My most recent PET & Bone Scan have revealed "significant" improvement from the last scans (and in all honesty, the last scans really werent that bad) so I think that has added some wind in my sails. Being tired all the time had me seriously worried. For now, everything is great! My new onc. is wonderful and Ill be visiting her in a week or so to follow up on some blood work and to figure out what kind of mainenance Ill be on.

  • I am now taking the bus to work, can you believe it? My carbon footprint is shrinking every day. Its great. It takes me more than twice as long to get there, but its completely worth it. No road rage, and no more twice weekly $50 fill ups in the Saturn.

Ok - On with the show! Rugby Alumni weekend in Athens was great. With two of my sidekicks pregnant, the Coors Pounder induced hijinks were cut in half, but we still had a great time. We got a little cocky this year with the shirts....ya think???

It didnt take long for the gang to reunite at the Cats Eye....

It was a pleasant surprise to find another person with no reservation in publicly sharing with the world their fake body part....we bring the term "Whip it out" to an entirely new level.
You didnt think we'd go all the way to Athens and not visit Hazem at Souflakis?? (twice)
Coffee at Perks before the Saturday matches is another one of our standard events....Friday is Cat's Eye and Souflaki's, Saturday is Perks, Rugby, Party, Cats Eye. Pretty simple itenerary.

Then it was off to the fields for the games - Roman doesnt find the joke as funny as Amy did: Oh I forgot, the other Alumni weekend tradition: Stetston's tye-dyed socks.
The alumni represnted well at the women's match- Here you see Kyra putting on a clinic for the OU girls on how blaze past people:
Watts Jr. and Stetson:

Everybody's favorite honorary alumni:
Men's group picture:
After party shenanigans:

Stetson's out early:
Rich, the REAL Jon Watts, Simmons. Yes, the one in the middle is the namesake of J Watts Jr. Nobody thinks they look alike, but we sure thought so eight years ago.
Neely sings his signature Rugby Queen song to the Cats Eye Bartender....I spent HOURS trying to find someone to volunteer to be the rugby queen. Thank God she had a sense of humor, I wasn't being so well-received in my attempts but Neely needs to do rugby queen like a human needs air. I can't deny him that:

I walked up just as this guy decided to curl up for a nap outside the Crystal. Honestly, I dont know what's worse, being seen IN the Crystal, or being seen passed out cold on the concrete IN FRONT of the Crystal. (I think being seen IN the Crystal edges out the latter in my opinion)

So, I havent been taking that many videos, but Watts Jr. was cracking us up outside Tony's. He had his old OU rugby jacket on and was doing a bit about the frustrations of having a jacket that was a little (ok, alot) too short. If you can watch the video I highly reccomend it.


And one last group photo in Tonys:

Ok, this was just too cute....KJ & Watts venture into BP at the end of the night for snacks.

Sarah's Bachelorette Party!!!

We all headed South to Louisville for Sarah's Bachelorette party for some good times before Vince makes an honest woman out of her. You didnt think Id miss out on an opportunity for another cute shoe circle shot did you? Of course not. Its Spring! The sandals are out! the Toenails are painted!! Now if we could just get tans.

Of course everyone needed to get a shot too!
We headed to Fourth Street Live for dinner at Hard Rock and then some drinks at Howl at the Moon (dueling piano bar). This was my 1st time at Fourth St. Live and I have to say, it was awesome! For any of you planning bachelor/ette parties, I highly reccomend it. Walking distance from all the hotels and a variety of things/places to go under one giant roof:
Howl at the moon stage:
I believe this was our group doing the Hokey Pokey:
We left Fourth St. Live (view from outside) for a few hours to visit a club my friend owns a few blocks away. I called her up in Dayton to let her know we had a group coming in and she said she would take care of us. Not only did she call hte manager to make sure our ENTIRE group was on the list to get in cover-free ($5/p), but when we got in, they opened bottles of Champagne for ALL of us and THEN picked up the first round of drinks for EVERYONE! It was amazing. Ive never had that kind of treatment at any establishment!
Fourth St. Live from the outside:
Angie, Me & Trace at Petrus, my friends club. We're actually on the dance floor, but it was an 18 & up club and we all felt too old to show our moves. (and we had on WAY too much clothing on compared to the rest of the dance floor!) It was kind of cool to be a part of the minority who could drink!!

Heading back to Fourth St. Live with Sarah & the girls:
Spent the last half of the evening dancing at Sullys - Great music!
....And then Back to the 'Nati for the Cyclones Hockey game followed by the Taste of Cincinnati:
Ang, Tracy & I headed back to Cincinnati and hit up a Waffle House on the way home. Love Waffle House! It was nice to have just the three of us together in the car for some good conversation. We're always out in big groups and I love these road trips. Talking with old friends just makes the time fly by. We were home by 1p and had a little bit of time to recover before getting ready to go out again. Mom and Dad came down to visit the taste of Cincinnati with us for dinner and then they headed back up to Dayton. Kristen & Watts came down to stay since the four of us had to work on Sunday at the Kelts Beer booth. After dinner, we walked down to the US Bank Arena for the Cyclones game 2 championship game vs Las Vegas:
Curt, Brandon, Jimmy Shea, J-Mac & Funhater.
The boys & Kristen after the game. ('Clones lost - series is now 1-1)
Walking out of US Bank Arena always gives a good view of the skyline. We started our walk back downtown for one last walk through the gauntlet of food en route to our car:
In addition to hundreds of food booths, theres plenty of promotional props. Yes folks, thats my husband, and you cant have him!!!

Sunday night...just a little too crowded. Im a fast walker and the slow walk in a tight crowd is absolute torture for me.
Monday morning we headed back downtown to work our beer booth. Or, KJ and JMac worked....
Watts & I also stayed busy:
Kristen is really one lucky girl. We saw Aaron walk over to one of the games and she coos, "He said he was going to win me a monkey!" We get excited and he comes back with a prize alright....a Zac Efron poster? This was definitely a hit all afternoon.

So thats about it for now. I dont know what the agenda is for the rest of the summer. We only have ONE wedding!! Can you believe it? I think we may seriously look into some camping in the next few months.

Ill try to get back to the Sunday recaps if anyone is still reading these! Let me know!