Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Chemo Fun Book

I am SO thrilled that there is interest in the book that Melissa wrote!

Here's the backstory....
I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure she worked on this while she was going through treatments.  As you'll see (if you get a book), it is not complete.  95% complete, but some unfinished pages.  She  must have been working on it in late 2008.   She was working on a scrapbook for Andrew at the same time, which she never completed either (but her best friends finished it for her!).

After John passed away, John and Diana brought us two carloads of Melissa's things.  It took awhile, but we finally sorted things out.  In one of the boxes I found a folder that had a stack of loose papers - things she had written and printed out.  It was obvious it was an "activity" book.

Melissa never sat still during chemo treatments.  Well, she couldn't move around, but she was always doing something.  Reading, writing, addressing envelopes for her class reunion.  Listening to music.  Talking to her "neighbors". Laughing.  She really didn't know how to relax.  She always needed something to do.  So WALA!  She decided to write this book.

I know from the first page that her intention were to sell it.  From the first page...

"This book is for:

and Lovingly from:

(if you purchased this for yourself....")

And I'm sure her intentions were to donate the proceeds to some charity - probably a breast cancer charity, or her doctors office, or some other deserving charity.

SO.  As soon as I realized what it was, I wanted to publish it.  It took my cousin Tammy getting diagnosed with breast cancer, and my friends Jennifer and Barb getting diagnosed with cancer, that I decided to do it.  We have a local printer who does a lot of work for Fairmont and always donates to the Fort 5K - so I took it to them.

I am SO pleased with the finished product!  I mailed one to Tammy, and to a friend in England who is in a support group I'm in.  He is going through treatments as we speak.

My intentions are to give the first 100 away to people who are going through chemotherapy treatments.  John's mom makes lap quilts for people who are going through chemo, she's took a few to send with the quilts.  Another friend messaged about adding them to cosmetic bags her daughter's group is making for people who are going through chemo (hope they work Kathy!).

After the first 100 are gone, I want to sell them.   I would love to be able to pay it forward...to the Noble Circle, a local group that works with women who have been diagnosed with any kind of cancer,  possibly the Stephanie Spielman Foundation and the Cincinnati Kelts Rugby Club.

The Kelts have held an annual Breast Cancer Fundraiser in Melissa's memory since the year she was diagnosed, 2003.  Every year, half of the proceeds go to Melissa's scholarship, the other half go to Breast Cancer Research.  The Kelts are in the process of raising funds for a new pitch (playing field) and we want to help them with that.  In Johnny Mac's memory.  Melissa would LOVE that too.

So....if you are interested in getting a book, I would love to give you one if you know someone who is going through chemotherapy, I'd be happy to share one with you to give as a gift.  Once the first 100 are gone, if there is still an interest, I'll sell them.

Can you let me know what you think?  I need some feedback.  I don't think I'll have any problem giving the first 100 away, I just need to know about selling them.


(and a sneak peak at what's inside...