Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fundraiser Success!!!

Just wanted to give you all an update on the success of last night's fundraiser...

The turnout was phenomenal and over $3,000 was raised due to the generosity of all who attended! This amount allowed all 4 Yaya's to reach their goal of $2,300 each for the 3-day walk in Atlanta this fall.

Big thanks go out to Sharon Tangeman and Karen Honigford for the fabulous job they did in planning, organizing, and serving at this amazing event! Thanks to Jojo and Mandi for their hard work last night as waitresses! Thank you to Jennifer and Patsy for selling tickets for the raffles and to Jennifer for selling over 200 jello shots! Thank you to All Images for their donation toward getting the t-shirts and magnets printed...they turned out AWESOME! (T-shirts and magnets are still available if anyone is Pam at Big thanks go out to The Red Carpet Tavern for being the gracious host of this event...specifically to Mike and his staff! Thanks to the companies that provided generous donations for the raffle prizes...special thanks to UD for volume of gifts donated!

We know Fort was there in spirit and was SOOOO happy to see the smiles all around! The event, without a doubt, made her very proud! Thought you would enjoy some pictures from last night...

Fort, we love you and miss you every single day!