Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Donations to FFF

Hi Everyone!

If you are unable to attend the Firebirds for Fort fundraiser event on October 17th, but would like to make a donation please click on the button below and you can securely contribute through PayPal by using your credit card. Thank you for your contribution!

Tickets are now available for FFF! Please contact Pam (238-4075) or Angie (513) 295-2423 if you are interested in buying them in advance.

Cost is $20 per ticket which includes food, beer, event cup, and door prize entry.

The fundraiser lasts from 6pm-midnight. We are highly encouraging folks to get tickets in advance so that we have an idea of head count and so that folks have plenty of dough to spend on the AWESOME raffle/silent auction items that will be availabe that evening! Can't wait to see you all there to celebrate the life of my favorite person in the world! Love you and miss you,Fort!

Thank you,


Monday, September 21, 2009

KELTS 48 Dayton 0

She's watching over you.....

A beautiful day for a rugby match -
and a win to top it off! (Sorry KJ).
It was great to see everyone -I know
Fort was there in spirit - I think she
was still playing this time last year.
Hard to believe.

THANK YOU to everyone who has donated to the Firebirds for Fort Fundraiser.
I know it will be a huge success - we are close to $5000 in donated items!

If you are not doing anything Tuesday, September 29, Fairmont High School
is having their Volley for the Cure. The JV game is @ 5:30, Varsity @ 7.
This event is held by high school volleyball teams throughout the state of Ohio to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness.
The event at Fairmont this year will be in memory of Melissa. Angie is the "guest
speaker". We will have information about breast cancer awareness donated by
Sharon Kirshner from Kettering Hospital, and selling QUILT RAFFLE TICKETS and
tickets for the Fundraiser.

I know Melissa is smiling and impressed with all the activities coming up...she
LOVED planning big events like these.
She would be embarrassed that there is so much going on for HER...and she would
be thanking everyone on her blog with big sparkly thank you's - I would do that
if I knew how. She never taught me how to do that! When I figure it out -
you'll see big sparkly thank you's - I promise.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Got a call from Atlanta this week about the 3 Day Walk - they are framing a picture of Melissa for the Rememberance Tent...
TODAY - got ANOTHER call from Atlanta - they asked if I would like to carry one of the 34 flags - in honor of my daughter! I am SO honored!
Don't have much info yet, but she did say the flag bearers lead the walk on the first day and will carry in the flags for the Closing Ceremony at Turner Field.
The walk is Oct 23, 24, 25 - will take LOTS of pictures and post when I get back.

Getting MORE donations for the Fundraiser too! We now have tickets to an OSU game
AND a Bengals game, four passes for any Dayton Golf Course (Madden, Kittyhawk or Community), a beautiful piece of pottery - a dragon (it's a teapot!), a gift certificate from Sherwood Florist and Tanks...the list is growing.
We now have tickets for the fundraiser - so call and let me know how many you need!

Friday, September 4, 2009

More pics....

Johnny Macs mom made this quilt for the fundraiser for a raffle -
they were shirts Melissa wore while she was in the hospital and Hospice.
BEAUTIFUL! Tickets are $5 ea or 5/$20 if you're interested.....

Uncle Johnny Mac & Max

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Photos FORT would post.....

Maxwell Irvin - Muscleman
Grandma & Drew
Drew wearing Grandpa's SILVER Medal from the Senior Olympics (softball)

Fundraiser Update!

(sorry Fort, I KNOW that you hate that I'm messing with your blog...but it's for YOU!)

Had our first "official" meeting for the fundraiser. We now have committees and lots of volunteers getting ready for the Firebirds for Fort Fundraiser on October 17.
If you know of any businesses that might make a donation for a silent auction or raffle, contact me @ pfort@erinet.com. I will direct you to the chair of that committee.
So far we have donations from several local businesses and some Cincinnati businesses...
here's a few - Cincinnati Bengals sent an official NFL football signed by Dhani Jones,
Cincinnati Railway donated a dinner/train trip, donations from Christophers Restaurant, Cheesecake Factory, Sports Deck, Occasionally Yours (Vera Bradley), Rife Jewelers, Oscar Beigel Jewelers, Hot Head Burritos, Subway, Noodles, Artisans, Tinks, Elsa's, Lesko Photography just to name a few!

Melissa's former rugby coach, Jen (no last names, Melissa's rule!)...is running in the Breast Cancer Marathon in Jacksonville in February and donations from this will go to the Scholarship fundraiser also. I am in the process of setting up an account for this and will post as soon as I have all of the information together.

This is VERY difficult for me - playing with her blog...but I plan on updating occasionally. We have a new grandson - Maxwell Irvin, born Thursday, August 20,
weighing in at 8lbs. 10 oz. 20in long. Lots of dark hair..will post pics when I figure
out how to do that. I'll post current pics of Drew too - he's changed a lot since the
last posts by Fort...I know she would be ok with THIS.

I took notes whenever I was with Melissa, and want to share some of the funny things
she said and did while she was in the hospital and Hospice that SHE didn't post.
A little difficult to do that today - it's 8 months today....

Keep reading - I'll post more in a week or so...

UPDATE...just talked with my contact at the bank - if you'd like to make a donation, you can make out a check to Firebirds for Fort and send it to US Bank, 360 N. Main Street, Centerville, OH 45459. If you send before Tuesday Sept 7, send it to the attention of Stephanie Shaw.