Friday, March 7, 2008

  • Well, I changed things up a bit....
    Im going to break this down bullet-point style to avoid rambling. Too much to try and catch up on. Im going to be jumping all over the place because I can hardly remember where I left off!
  • For starters, im down another camera. We headed off to Nash Bash this weekend and I had someone take a group picture while the mens and womens team was together....they dropped my camera. It hasnt worked since. I need to take the card to CVS and have the pics put on a disk and post them tomorrow hopefully. Im working on it. But this means no camera for awhile. Im crushed. The new job pays monthly so we're strugglin to get through the month until I get my first paycheck. Maybe Ill take Dub-Ya's stimulus cheese and get myself a new camera. Anyway, the pics will come. Soon.
  • I started the new job on Monday and its going great. Its not what they would consider "busy season" so Ive been spending my day working on website changes, and just getting "educated" on the department. (hint, hint)Here's one thing I miss from my old job: the twenty foot walk from my car to my desk. Now? My walk is oh, a quarter mile from my car to my office. And that doesnt include two flights of steps! Sistas gonna be gettin skinny yo! :)
  • Ok, ok, Ill show you a picture of my new office...but just a little one! Huge window, huh?
  • Back to Nash Bash. Had a great time. Love Nashville. The hotel is just blocks away from the strip and the live music is spectacular. Spent most of our time at The Wheel, Paradise Park (I think im a little too old for that scene), and Legends. I was in a bit of a funk for much of the night. Big thanks to Amy for all but putting me in a headlock to drink a Jaeger Bomb. She promised it would make me feel better and she was right on the money. Completely turned my night around. No games played on Sunday after a rain storm on Saturday left hundreds of cars stuck in the mud. What a nightmare. Would have loved to have gotten some pictures but oh....lets not get into that again.
  • Oh yeah, I would also like to state for the record that I was out until 2:30a on Satruday night in Nashville. I typically couldnt stay up that late during my college days so I just wanted to put that out there....Stacy.
  • Back to my 1/4 mile walk. Yesterday I got ALL. THE. WAY. up to the office and got there. Did not have my keys. Had to walk ALL. THE. WAY back to the garage. They were still in my car. I need to be careful when I involve the mp3 player. Usually ads just enough distraction to cause chaos. Talk about a forced calorie burn. Oh well. I needed it.
  • Meredith is going in tomorrow to be induced! Im bummed because once camera. Im sure mom will help in that department. John and I wont be able to make it up to Dayton until Friday. Cant wait!
  • I think thats it for now.

Hopefully tomorrow Ill have all my Nash Bash pics up -and maybe some baby pics!!!.....Im too tired to write more so here are some topics that I need to seriously vent on.....

  • Channel 9's deceptive Capital One ad they snuck in on the Monday AM news.

Ok I know there's just tired.

Thanks for sticking with me...Im not going anywhere!!!



Tammy said...

Welcome back Fort, so glad your new job is to your liking.

Misti said...

I think you should start yet another blog - Fort talks about Misti. It would be a hit.

Karyn said...

Glad that things are going well for you girl!!!

Anonymous said...


Don't forget that staying out til 2:30am Nashville time is 3:30 Cincy time! Nice Work!! :)