Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fundraiser at Solar Tan

Not sure how many folks are still checking Fort's blog but wanted to post this information for anyone who might still be logging in. One of Pam's old roomies has a daughter (Heather) who runs a tanning salon called Solar Tan on Alex Rd in Miamisburg. She is having a fundraiser in Fort's name during the month of March. All proceeds will go toward Pam's (Fort's Mom) 3-day Susan Komen Walk for the Cure in Atlanta this fall. Its a very nice and clean salon with 18 beds, Mystic Tan and a water massaging bed. If you donate $5 you will receive a pair of pink Eyepodz that hook on to your keys. They even have a cute pink ribbon attached. For $25 you will receive a tshirt (pink for ladies/black for men) that says, "Be's not just my blood type" and it will show Fort's name and blog address. Spring break and summer are right around the corner so Solar Tan would be a great way to get your bronzing started while also aiding in the fight against breast cancer.

A few folks who aren't living in town have asked if they can still donate. You can make a check out to Susan Komen Walk for the Cure and it can be sent to me along with your t-shirt size and address. My address is:
Angie Warner
PO Box 482
Wilberforce OH 45384

If you have any questions, please email me at Thanks in advance for your love, time and support.

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Karyn said...

Thanks for the info girl!