Friday, July 31, 2009


Happy Friday Everyone!

It's been awhile since the last post and I just wanted to send a shout out to everyone regarding our upcoming Firebirds for Fort scholarship fundraiser. The donations have been coming in steadily and folks are being very generous! If any of you out there have any leads on possible donors please shoot me or Pam an email or feel free to line it up yourself...whatever is easiest. We will really take, drink, gift certicates, products, services, or monetary contributions. The more we have the more we can raise! We would love to start out this fund with a good size nest egg so that we can make sure that it will last for way longer than any of us do :-)

In regard to details of the they are:

WHERE: IUE Hall on Woodman Drive
WHEN: October 17, 2009
TIME: 6pm-midnight
COST: $20 per person which includes door prize entry, party favor and ALL you can eat and drink
*various auctions for some amazing gifts...cost will vary depending on value of item! Raffle prizes called throughout the event!
*DJ music and dancing!
*Cards, cornhole, and tons of fun!

We will be selling tickets in advance of the event. The blog and facebook will be updated when we are ready to start selling. The more the merrier...Fort still has a story to tell and we are responsible for passing it along while she's not here!

If anyone out there is interested in bringing a side dish or snack that would be fabulous! Just post a comment here or shoot me an

Hope everyone has a great weekend! And hope to see you all at the fundraiser! Thank you!

PS-Fort...sorry for screwing with your blog, but its for a good cause! I miss you and love you!


Anonymous said...

oh yeah...if each of us gets one or two prizes from businesses we have some sort of connection with the chances of raising more money increases...all you have to do is ask...I'm hitting JA Flats and Holiday Inn North in the next couple weeks. hey Ang, do you have some sort of menu planned? I mean I can bring like 10 lbs. of pretzels from Sams OR I can make something (the pretzels will get eaten; not so sure about my cooking) tell Karyn what responsibilities the yayas can Gramma used to say "many hands make light work" so let's spread it out! also we are trying to recruit 100 people to walk in honor of Melissa's battle w/ breast cancer in the Dayton making Strides walk that morning. 10 a.m. at Dragons Stadium--karyn has the pink & white tye dyes for sale - $15 each. she can also tell anyone interested how to join our team "Forts yayas for tatas" - let's be 100+ strong to draw attention to the wonderful woman we all love & the importance of putting an end to this damn disease! thanks for all you are doing Sharon

Anonymous said...

interested in being a part of the 100+ folks in pink & white tye dye walking on sat. oct. 17th ( 5k walk) Making Strides? contact karyn tangeman honigford she can direct you to the place to join our team (Forts Yayas for tatas) & can sell you a pink & white tye dye w/ Melissa's quote & blog on it. We'll all be there & be connected bcz of our love and relationship w/ Fort but will walk however it fits best - in small groups, alone, however---- but we will all be there representing Fort! Let's be 100+ strong in our efforts to see breast cancer be history...and to honor the brave battle our Fort went through.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sharon-as far as the menu is concerned...we will have BBQ as the main dish and then lots of different sides. Anything you want to contribute to the food...pretzels or otherwise...would be awesome! I love the idea of having 100 people walking in her's going to be an AMAZING day! Thank you!