Thursday, October 29, 2009

Firebirds for Fort FUNdraiser

Just a preview of the pics from the fundraiser...I'll try to post a few more later, then pics from the 3 day walk in Atlanta.

AND THE WINNER OF THE QUILT IS...(drawn by Ruth, breast cancer survivor, neighbor and friend of Pam's)................

TRACY (good friend of Melissa's)

and THANKS to our FANTASTIC DJ Mark!

MM family

Thanks Heather for your contribution to the 3day walk from Solar Tan!!!

Franz Fam

Food (dessert) of course!

Angie selling raffle tickets....

Netti LOVES her FORT shirt!

Cary, Pam, Jen (Security!)

Karyn working the crowd


Netti said...

HAHA Thanks for the pic! And I am so proud you figured out how to post under the each picture! I didn't think it was you at first Pam.

Anonymous said...

Have you got the E bay items on E bay yet?

Anonymous said...

Not sure about the ebay stuff - shelly is in Talladega...I'll call her (Tom who?) - Pam
p.s. I'm smarter than I look - huh Netti?

Anonymous said...

Bother-in-law Tom