Monday, November 2, 2009


If you are on this blog to read about Fort, in HER words...go to the blog archive on the right side of this page - her last post was Christmas Eve 2008. You can start there - kind of have to work your way backwards. What I have to say is NOTHING compared to what she had to say. What I write is all about HER. And FOR her. But you want to read HER. I don't know where she got her writing talent, but it sure wasn't from me. Thank you for visiting her blog. I hope you keep reading until you've read it all. I KNOW you'll be inspired, and you'll LAUGH out loud, a lot. This blog WILL be published some day. I promise you that.
Fort's mom


Bobbie said...

Pam, What a wonderful look into the life of Melissa. I will forever remember my across the street neighbors, but Melissa will always walk with me in Atlanta. Thank you for the great look into how you viewed the walk. At closing ceremonies when I looked up on stage and you had the daughter flag in your hand I could not stop crying just as I'm doing now. Love and support to my Ohio TA-TA Sisters from your Atlanta TA-Ta Sisters. Hope to see you in 2010. Bobbie

Anonymous said...

Hi Bobbie - we're registering this week. Had a fundraiser YESTERDAY. Already. Going to lay low here for the next couple of months. This week it is one year since Melissa went into the hospital. We WILL see you next year in Atlanta! Thanks for keeping in touch. Pam (FORT'S mom!)

Anonymous said...


You Help Keep Mo..Melissa alive in Thought and Spirit... Thanks for doing that...

A Blog Reader