Tuesday, January 19, 2010

106 Years of Greatness

Two years ago, when Melissa & Stacy turned 30 and Pauly turned 40 all in the same week, one of them decided to celebrate their birthdays together...as 100 years of GREATNESS.
Last year, they continued the new "tradition", and included Melissa...and US.
I can't think of a better way to get through a birthday without her, than to celebrate it with her friends.
This year included "Favorite Fort Pictures" and "Favorite Fort Stories"...
Thank you for including us Stacy & Pauly...and especially thank you for
continuing to include Melissa.

John & Nick and their SUSHI Boat...

Happy Birthday FORT (32), Stacy (32) Pauly (42)... 106 Years of Greatness...

Fort, ? , Stacy & Casey at OU

Stacy & Fort in the middle row - planned the "BORED" look (two guys in front of them heard them planning and turned around just as the picture was taken) - JMac is behind them...

Fort & Stacy
(per Stacy) Fort insisted that we dress up so we all headed to WalMart that day and bought the most obnoxious St. Patty's Day gear that we could find. We had such a blast on our many trips to Savannah for the Rugby tournaments!

Stoll, Stacy, ?, Fort (in her "LODGE sweater")
(per Stacy) We rented a huge cabin for NYE 2000 in Hocking Hills. I think there were about 25 people there. Fort wanted to enjoy "nature", so she made us go for a hike earlier in the afternoon. She also begged and begged anyone who would listen to build her a bonfire. Finally Casey built one and she stood outside for about 10 minutes!

(per Stacy)...St. Patrick's Day in Savannah - 2002 - Both of us worked for
Enterprise and hated it! So when we saw this van parked, we couldn't resist. This was also the trip where Fort called Pam @ 2 a.m. because she got separated from us.
Also the trip of our most famous "mini-fight"!
(YES - I received a call from Melissa at 2 a.m....FROM Savannah, Ga....from a phone booth (remember those?)...I think she felt safer talking to me - I obviously couldn't do anything for her from Dayton...while she was in Savannah...she eventually got back to her hotel, where Stacy and the rest were waiting. And by the way - she WAS NOT alone - she had a friend with her(not sure who it was though).

Fort & Casey (@ her wedding)

Stacy (30), Pauly (40), Fort (30)

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