Saturday, April 23, 2011

...and the Melissa Fortener McLaughlin Scholarship goes to....

NOT YET folks...
FIFTEEN...YES 15 applications were submitted for Fort's Scholarship! We are
SO thrilled. Will be getting together soon (me, Donny, Nick, John & Angie) to read and decide who the recipient(s) will be this year. Will post as soon as it is announced.

The Scholarship Fund continues to grow...we will be receiving a check from the Fairmont Girls Softball team from donations collected for the softball tournament.

TJ CHUMPS recently opened a new restaurant in Fairborn and purchased the NOSE CONE from Danica Patricks car for $450.00 (to display at the new restaurant!) It was one of the items in the Silent Auction at the FIREBIRDS for FORT Fundraiser in 2009.
THANKS JIM & TERRY at TJ CHUMPS!!!!!*******************************************************************************
And on ANOTHER good note - over $3000 was donated for JACKIE'S BOOKS (my good friend who passed away about a month ago). Proceeds will go to books for Children's Hospital in Dayton and other children in need of books at home! Jackie would be thrilled!


Ever since the 350 butterflies "landed" in the library...students have been
bringing everything they can find with a butterfly. Even had a student
write a poem...

Butterfly in the sky
Butterfly in your eyes

Your daughter is at home

When she was a girl you
combed her hair

When she was a teen you
let her go everywhere

Now she is a full grown
Butterfly in the sky.

By Athena McL
(and believe it or not, she
has the SAME last name as Melissa!!!!)

...more beautiful butterfly artwork for the library!

Pam with Rubi Girls....

HAPPY (39th...seriously)BIRTHDAY JEN!!!!! We love you!

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