Saturday, August 20, 2011

Max is 2!!!!!

Hard to believe Max is 2 already. I remember VIVIDLY the day Nick & Mere told us she was pregnant...they made a little puzzle for Melissa (it was at Christmastime and she was home from Hospice). The puzzle said "Meredith is pregnant". She got as far as "Meredith is" and she guessed. They REALLY wanted her to name the baby, but she had only ONE name in mind, (she's here...the puzzle just went off)and it wasn't one they would use (we thought she was sleeping and talking in her sleep...we all looked at each other, like, WHAT?????) She opened her eyes and said "I'M JUST KIDDING..." that was her. ALWAYS kidding. So Fort KNEW about Max...she just didn't know if the baby was a Maxwell or Maxine...and on Max's birthday, every year, I will remember that Melissa KNEW Max, and loved Max, and we make sure that Max KNOWS that Aunt Fort knew him and loved him.

So. I just kind of decided yesterday that I would start a tradition with my grandsons. I would take them out for their birthday...just me and them. So I decided to take Max to breakfast. A two year old. Boy am I STUPID. Fortunately,
Nick & Mere agreed to go with us. Good thing. We probably would have been thrown out of the restaurant if it were just me and Max...I couldn't have caught him. He's pretty fast. And he LOVES the blueberry syrup (WITH blueberrys) for the waffle sticks. Sucks that syrup right off of them, then wipes his hands on anything close, THEN wants a kiss....

Fish kisses for need to thank me Max....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Got Max a new BIG WHEEL for his birthday...we have one here, and while they share SOMETIMES, thought it would be nice if we had one for each of them. Looked pretty cool on the box, and silly me, I thought it was ALREADY put together. Open the box, pull it out, Max gets to ride it...but NOOOOOOOO. There were probably 100 pieces. And Max was bound and determined to help. By moving pieces around, moving the screwdrivers, using the hammer on the wheels, he was a REAL help. I got everything together up to the front wheel, and I had just given up when Nick walked him. He finished it and EVERYONE was happy....

Max is ready and willing to help Pam-ma put his birthday present together...

...and it's ready to roll! A little big for him, but he'll grow into it (and in the meantime, Drew is just the right size!)

Max and his new bulldozer in his garden...
~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~
Went to a picnic in the afternoon-Wilson Park in W Carrollton- for my cousins 50th Anniversary. (Congratulations Sharon & Jim!) Great park, GREAT pool. The kids had a great time (so did we)...


What Pam-ma? Can't you see I'm eating my root beer float?????

Rest period...Nick, Leanne, Stacia, Pam,Drew, Max, Mere
DON'T FORGET....2 upcoming fundraisers for our 60 mile, 3 day walk in Atlanta in Oct.
Next Saturday, August 27, in Cincinnati - Indian Mound Cafe - 5226 Montgomery Road. 7-midnight; and Saturday, Sept 17 for a tailgate party for the Ohio State Game @ Talegators on Far Hills in Centerville. No cover, donations accepted. $10 for buffet; 50/50 and other raffles. ALL TO A GREAT CAUSE...TO END BREAST CANCER.

Wow. Where did the summer go? I get a little anxious every year about this time(about going back to work)...and now I can decide ~ "Should I stay or should I go?".......for this year, I'll be staying. Donny is busy with work AND coaching ~ long days. Exactly what HE needs. I work and need some down time...exactly what I need. I love the fall as much as Melissa did...and fall brings us into the holidays...try not to think too much about it. Can't get around it, HAVE to go through it. But I try to keep busy too. I STILL miss her EVERY SINGLE DAY. I'm guessing that will never change.

This week was rough - a good friend of Nick's from high school lost her sister in a tragic accident last week. ANOTHER set of parents lose a child. WHY??????????? And it all comes flooding back. And I look at them and know EXACTLY where they are today, and where they will be tomorrow and next week and next month...and a year from now.
And it is painful to know and understand THEIR pain. I promised them we would keep in touch. It's what WE can do now.

So, kiss your kids, tell the people that you love that you LOVE them, and enjoy EVERY day. Oh...and take lots of pictures too.

Enjoy the fall.


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