Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Hard to believe it was EIGHT years ago today that our first grandson was born. John Patrick ~ J.P.
He was BEAUTIFUL. But early. Had NO idea at the time what Melissa and John were going through. How could we know? And now we do. Somehow, after losing her son,she continued on with HER fight. I don't know HOW she did it. And now she celebrates his birthday WITH him. Happy Birthday JP. We love you and miss you and will NEVER forget you. Love you Punkin' Pie...

Drew & Max and Pamma & PopPop sing Happy Birthday to JP...


Last weekend, Nick, Mere, & Drew were in Mere's brother's wedding. Drew was the Ring Bearer. I was a little afraid of how he would do, because he tends to get a little "shy" when he meets new people...but the promise of STAR WARS Legos was all he needed to walk down the aisle...kind of. The flower girl was adorable, VERY friendly, probably around 3 too. Not shy a BIT. At the rehearsal, after the second stroll down the aisle, it seemed as if Drew would be alright. (Except there weren't any people in the seats, other than the wedding party at the altar). SO. At the wedding,
Drew is in the back with the flower girl, entering right before the bride. (His mom and dad are already at the altar with the rest of the wedding party. Donny and I are NOT sitting on the aisle for fear that he will want to come over and sit with us.)
I WISH we would have sat on the aisle...he had his eyes SQUEEZED shut the entire walk down the aisle (except when he bumped into a pew)being DRAGGED by the flower girl. It was hilarious. And I didn't get a picture. But lots of people did, so when I get one, I'll post it.

Is this a FORT picture or WHAT? We have very few pictures of Melissa where she ISN'T sticking out her tongue or making a face in a picture. I love that Drew does it too...(sometimes I think she's whispering in his ear "STICK OUT YOUR TONGUE, DREW!"

Nick, Mere & Drew were in Mere's brother Jeff's (& Katie's) wedding...AGAIN at Holy Trinity. Nick, Mere & Melissa were all in her other brothers wedding (Brad) at Trinity too...our last COMPLETE family picture. August, 2008. Hard to believe...

This was actually at the SECOND a cry room...and Drew is actually
HUGGING Max (although it LOOKS like Max is trying to eat Drew's flower)
I don't recommend TWO weddings in one day for a 2 year old and a 3 year old by the way...

Drew's gift for being in the wedding? STAR WARS Legos. He talked about it for WEEKS before the wedding (they told him they would be at the front pew when he walked up the aisle!)

PopPop to Drew..."Now I don't think I'll be able to put the whole thing together TONIGHT..."

Max getting some use out of Drew's rented shoes...

Blue Steel (Fort's FAVORITE Drew look)

Congratulations Brian & Megan (Fort's cousin) #2

Busy, busy weekend...and this one will be even busier.

TEAM B POSITIVE raised over $21,000 for the Susan G. Komen Foundation and will be
walking 60 miles (20 miles each day, Friday, Saturday & Sunday)!
Will post pics and stories next week.

Enjoy the fall....

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