Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Melissa Fortener McLaughlin "B" Positive Award goes to...

Makayla Waterman....AGAIN!

As we watched the team this year, I sometimes wondered WHO would receive the award this year...who most closely represents Melissa's B POSITIVE spirit...her positive attitude not just about the game, but about LIFE.

It was really no surprise that Makayla received the award again this year. Makayla
kept a positive attitude through adversity - last summer, she tore her ACL playing AAU ball. She sat out the first half of the season, came back into the game a few minutes at a time after the first of the year.

On this amazing team, Makayla is one of the TOP players. She is already being recruited by several Division 1 colleges. I know how hard she had to work to get back into the game when she did.

Reminds me A LOT of Melissa and the adversity SHE faced. She never gave up. NEVER.
She fought EVERY SINGLE DAY, for Melissa, to get back to work. For Makayla, to get back to the game that she loves so much.

Melissa ALWAYS had a smile on her face - even though there were some really difficult days. Even at the end.

Makayla ALWAYS has a smile on her face...even when she was sitting on the bench, waiting to get back into the game, cheering on the team. Just like Melissa - waiting to get back into the game...of life.

Makayla has a promising future ahead of her, and we are SO HONORED that Coach Cogan and his assistants chose Makayla for Melissa's award. She was the PERFECT choice this year.

Congratualations Makayla...I wish you could have met Melissa. She would be honored too!

The Banquet...didn't even recognize the girls all dressed up!

After the State Finals...Chelsea Welch (AWESOME point guard for Fairmont), Pam, and Brianna Welch (who played for Fairmont a couple of years ago, now plays for Fairmont State in W.VA.)...both former students of mine from Moraine Meadows (ok - Chelsea only went there in Kindergarten, I think Brianna went there until 4th grade)

Lindsay, my cousin Leanne's daughter,was pulled up to Varsity from JV for the tournament. Each girl was introduced (including non-starters) for the
she is on the BIG SCREEN about the court at the Schottenstein in Columbus...and she's a FRESHMAN!!! (didn't get in, but had the best seat in the house!)

Chelsea Welch (Fairmont MVP) on the big screen at the Schottenstein Center before the a message about Sportsmanship. GREAT JOB CHELSEA!

Fairmont Firebirds after a win against Colerain (Lindsay is back row, right next to Head coach - Tim Cogan - on the left)

Pam & Lindsay, after the Colerain game in the tournament. Fort would be SO PROUD! (She actually went to some of Lindsays basketball games when she was in grade school - she would LOVE that Lindsay is playing for Fairmont now!)and she DID get into this game!

Nick & Mere's new house...ALMOST ready!

Josh with some of "Jackie's Books"....One year ago March 18, we lost a colleague,a good friend (one of my BEST friends) and to the kids, a great reading teacher.
$4000 was donated for Jackie's Books. Mike (Jackie's husband), Josh, Rodney, Debbie and I went to Books and Co. to purchase the books, then stamped each book with
"Jackie's Books"
In Loving Memory
Jackie Geary
Moraine Meadows Teacher

The books were donated to Children's Hospital in Dayton (to their new Library),
to Artemis Center (a referral service for battered women) to their new library
and to Southdale Elementary, where Jackie taught for a couple of months after
Moraine Meadows closed.
She will ALWAYS be remembered...LOVE YOU JACKIE!!!!

This is where I want my bed, Pamma! (in the new house)

Happy Birthday Mere! (Don't have the story of the day SHE was born...have to get that from HER mom!

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