Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Andrew!

Five years ago tonight, we were anxiously awaiting the arrival of our second grandson, Andrew Charles.

His arrival was "pre-planned", aka C-section, so we knew we would be meeting him April 4, 2008. Five years ago, Melissa was still here...and as hard as it was for her, Andrew was the light of her life.

She got to spend a lot of time with him in his first eight months, and we will never let him forget his Aunt Fort.

He is SO smart.  Just like his mom and dad.  

I have the kids on Mondays and Tuesdays.  On Tuesdays Andrew goes to his Speech appointment. I take him, and Mere meets us there.  She surprised them with smoothies.  Well, it just so happened that before we left, Andrew asked if we could go to RITA'S later in the day.  I told him we would go after his appt.  RITA'S sells italian ice.  Kind of like a smoothie.  When we were leaving his appointment, he asked when we were going to RITA'S.  I told him that he didn't need a sugary drink in each hand.
He said "But I have two cup holders...."  He's so smart.  He won.  But we didn't go until Pop Pop got home from work around 4.  Just in time to spoil there supper.  I don't do that often.  But this is his birthday week, so I caved.

Tomorrow I have the honor of taking Andrew to his Kindergarten screening.  I can't believe he'll be in kindergarten next year.  I'm pretty sure he'll ace this "test" tomorrow.  They'll probably want to put him in first grade....but that won't happen.  Because "EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW YOU LEARN IN KINDERGARTEN".

So I thought I'd do a little picture timeline of Andrew...

                                                            Baby Andrew

Aunt Fort lovin' on Andrew...

Look how much they look alike!

Happy 1st Birthday! (in Siesta Key Florida!)

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Ring Bearer in Uncle Jeff's wedding

Balloon Release with Great Aunt Sue

Christmas with Great Aunt Sue

Celebrated his 4th birthday in his new house in his STAR WARS bedroom!

His birthday party is Saturday...will share some pictures then!  

Happy Birthday Andrew!  We love you!

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