Thursday, May 16, 2013

2013 Scholarship winner is...

  The scholarship was presented this year by Andy Aracri, a good friend of Melissa's in high school.  (Angie has presented the award the last 3 years). This years recipient will be attending Bellermine University in Louisville, Ky. in the medical field, and will also be playing softball there.  At Fairmont she was active in the United Student Body, Softball, participated in preparing for the First Annual Melissa Fortener McLaughlin 5K, held a part time job, and maintained above average grades.  There were 13 applicants this year.  We are pleased to present this years $1,000 Scholarship to Jessica Dalzell.  Congratulations!

And thanks again to the Cincinnati Kelts Rugby Club, the Fairmont Softball Team, and individuals who have contributed to Melissa's Scholarship fund.  Your contributions ensure the scholarship will continue for many years to come.

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Another busy month...flew to Florida to spend some time with my dad and bring him home for a couple of months.    He kept us busy at his favorite places...the VFW and City Limits.  Couldn't keep up with him, so he made sure we were home every night before 9:00...then he went out again.  Told him not to make it too late, but he didn't listen.  I guess when you're almost 83, you can do whatever you want. (I feel like I have a teenager again...)
Did get to spend a day at the beach, and a day at the pool.  May is not a good month to visit Florida, nor is September.  Love Bug months.  Not good.  They don't sting or bite, just very annoying.  Thousands of them.

won a little money...

stopped by the beach for a couple of photos...

                                                          Donna & Dad
Me & Dad

Donna & me

fun shot on the beach...

Donna in her bikini...

me with George H.W. Bush look-alike at the VFW

That's pretty much it.  VFW.  Every night.  Dad has his routines, and he didn't change them at all. We got used to it after a couple of days.  Not used to going out as much as he does though.  It was good to get home to my OWN routines!

Mother's Day

This is a hard day...but Nick always comes through.  Pretty much lets me decide whatever I want to do.  Went to breakfast this morning with Donny, Nick, Mere, Andrew & Max. Tomorrow Nick and the boys are coming over and hopefully we'll be watching 
Flight of the Navigator.  One of Nick & Melissa's favorite movies.  (We've watched Goonies so many times the boys have memorized it. That was another of their favorites. I think Andrew and Max will like this one too.) I can't think of anything better to do on Mother's will be like they're both here with me.  
Boy do I miss you Melissa...but will celebrate the day with Nick and remember you. Always.

some photos of the best kids EVER...

and of course 

Happy Mother's Day to my mom...and Happy Birthday too Mom!

...and OF COURSE I end with the two best grandkids EVER...

Now how can I not smile?  

Enjoy the spring weather...if you're lucky enough to be having spring weather right now!
(It's Mother's Day and we're dropping to the 30s tonight!)
go figure.

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