Sunday, June 30, 2013

BOSTON Here we come!

Big month, July...

Before leaving for Boston, spent some time with Nick and the boys.  Swimming at their pool first, then Pamma treated to yogurt...

Got home, packed dad up in his apartment, moved him into our house for a couple of weeks.  Then packed ME up for Boston.   The ultimate goal of this trip is to attend the Compassionate Friends Conference.  July 5, 6, 7.  Decided to come a week early and stay at the Boston Sheraton downtown because of the great rates for the conference.  What we didn't realize at the time was there is limited parking in downtown Boston, so for the first night, we paid $47 for valet parking.  Unbelievable.
We packed enough for a month (including food~gotta save some $$ somehow), so we wanted to park close so we wouldn't have far to carry all the stuff.

All is everything into the room and requested a refrigertor/microwave since this  is home for a week - all delivered soon after we unpacked.  After driving seven hours, we were a little tired, but ready to explore downtown Boston.  We are just a block off Boyleston, very close to where the second bomb went off at the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013.  The Forum Restaurant is still closed.
Found the Memorial on Boyleston...hundreds of ribbons on a wrought iron fence with messages from all over the country...BOSTON STRONG.

Although we passed several quaint cafes on Boyleston, we ended up getting salads at the food court in the Prudential Center - walked the mall and headed back to the room.   Big day Sunday - headed to Maine for lobster!

Original destination was Portland, but didn't make it that far.  Got some great suggestions at the Welcome Center in Maine.   Ended up visiting York Harbor/Beach~lots of little shops and a Firetruck Parade AND the Nubble Lighthouse.  From there to Cape Neddick and Perkins Cove, then to Ogunquit, small village on the ocean.  Ended up in Kennebunkport, home of George H.W. and Barbara Bush!  Nice shops in a small harbor town and a restaurant with lobster...imagine that!

York Harbor ~ Nubble Lighthouse

Firetruck Parade in York Village

Cape Neddick/Perkins Cove 

Welcome to Kennebunkport, Maine
Donny got his lobster @ Federal Jack's Brewery & Pub

George HW Bush Compound in Kennebunkport, ME

It was an awesome day...and only day 2.  Lots more to come.   Cape Cod tomorrow (and hopefully a visit with Melissa's friend Shannon (from OU and Melissa's partner on our first 3 Day Walk in Atlanta!)
Then Boston stuff the rest of the week.  Then most importantly ~ the conference. 

 I am pretty sure Melissa visited a friend in Boston.  Not sure when - I would LOVE to know.  I remember her talking about having dinner on the water, but not much else.  If you know the story, or know who she was visiting, I'd love to know the details.  I love being where she was...and I hate that I forget the story. Wish she was here...miss you Fort, EVERY day.  

I'll be back....

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