Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ready for Spring...

So what do you do when the weather doesn't cooperate?  Go to Florida.

This was the weather when we left that Thursday morning...

Spent some quality time with dad at the VFW…on St. Patty's Day (duh)

… some time on the beach...

…and took pictures of pictures that dad had out...

Dad's Navy photo

Grandma & Grandpa Rotert

Mom's mom - Grandma Faunce

Mom's first visit to Dayton…she was getting dressed in Grandpa's room, fainted and fell against the cedar chest at the foot of Grandpa's bed (note the butterfly above her eye).  So guess who inherited the cedar chest?  ME!

Dad and Mom…obviously in someone's wedding.

One of the few … all four siblings.  Donna, Sue, Pam, Steve

Mom.  Not sure how old she is here…I'm guessing early 20s.  Beautiful!

Our camping family.  We grew up camping with friends of Dad's and their families.
LOTS of kids.  Not a great picture - but I think I can name everyone…
front row - Bobby Walters, Steve (my brother), Dirk Nowling, Sue (my sister),
John Sorrell.  Back Row:  Donna (my sister), Sandy (friend of Bobby's), Janet Walters,

Got home in time for my Monday with Andrew and Max…

Max really looks up to his big brother Andrew!

their dog, Abner, is in charge of the remote when mom and dad aren't home!

Andrew on Career Day.  (Mad) Scientist.  He WILL be a scientist or engineer someday. He is very analytical.   Check out this site…www.setgame.com.  Andrew can do this on his own.  Pretty impressive…at least his Pamma thinks so!

FINALLY get a beautiful day in the 70's…just in time to put the new swing set together in their backyard!

The swing set building crew…Nathan (friend of Nick and Mere's), Nick & Donny.
and the kids.

patiently waiting…


So we think SPRING is HERE.


Fooled again.

April 15, 2014.  First time since the 1880's that April 15 didn't reach 40 degrees.
We just cut the grass for the first time two days ago.  

put our patio furniture out...

grill is ready to go...

swing is out...

 had to SCRAPE the windows on the van.  

Forsithia bush…first time the blooms have seen snow!
and my first blooming tulip in snow!

Missing Melissa more every day.  Missing HER posts. Her phone calls.  Her stories.  She made me laugh every day, even on her worst day.      

and wishing I had one of these in my backyard….


Ok…I was sitting here trying to think of something witty…something that might remind you of Melissa and HER posts…and I couldn't think of anything.  My brain has been pretty stagnant for the last few months. So I saved this post, clicked on publish, and five minutes later, Donny walks in and gave me something to write.  He walks up to me and says "How much will you give me for your glasses?"
And that's where this story not only BEGINS, but ends.  

The last few months I have done some things that are a little concerning to me.  In March, Nick and Mere asked if I would take Max to his Kindergarten screening at Incarnation.  I LOVE to see their schools, and it just happened to be on a Monday when I had the kids anyway.  His appointment wasn't until 10, so we got Andrew to the bus stop at 8:30 and headed to Bob Evans (which is almost next door to Incarnation) for breakfast.  9:00 on a Monday morning and it was packed.  A 20 minute wait.  We didn't have time for that, so we drove down the road to Tim Horton's.  Not as good, but no wait.  Max's booster seat is right behind the driver seat, so I got out, got Max out, went in and ordered breakfast.  We sat down and started eating.  My back was to the window, and Max very casually says "Hey Pamma.  Your car door is open".  I looked around, and sure enough, the drive side door is standing WIDE open.
OMG.  WTH????  How in the world can you walk away from your car and leave the door standing open?  That was the first incident.

The kids came over Sunday afternoon.  They were out in the backyard playing with the bat and ball, digging in the garden, generally taking out every toy in the shed. We had dinner and were getting ready to walk to Ritters for ice cream.  I told them they had to pick up their toys, then we would go.  Andrew came in and said everything was picked up, so I went out to check .  The bat and ball were still in the grass, so I asked Max to put them away.  Of course a little boy can't pick up a bat and ball and not swing at the ball, which he did…He threw the ball up, swung, hit the ball RIGHT IN HIS OWN FACE.  He said "Pamma, I hit my nose". I looked over  and he looked fine, but he had a strange look on his face.  I looked again and blood was pouring out of his nose!  I ran over, called for Donny to get a kleenex or SOMETHING…while Max is leaning over letting the blood pour out…finally got him to pinch his nose, got the blood cleaned up and promised him some ice cream.  Walked to Ritter's, came home, got them ready for bed and got them situated with Donny and a movie.  Then I had a few minutes.  Sat down, got the newspaper, reached for my glasses…..and they weren't there.  I put my glasses in one of three places-the glass case in my purse, on the table by my chair, or on the landing.  Not in any of those places. Looked under the couch, under the bed, in the refrigerator (yes, I've put things in the refrigerator that don't belong in there…) in Donny's car.  I even called Kroger thinking I took them off in the store (I remember reading the labels on something) I told the kids I'd give anyone who found my glasses $5. (My mom used to tell us she'd give us a penny for every bobby pin we could find for her. I remember thinking how rich I would be…Andrew just said "buy another pair Pamma"-boy how times have changed!)   I did all the backtracking and they were no where.  They just disappeared.  That was the second incident.

So, am I going crazy?  I think so.

The third incident happened yesterday.  The kids spent the night Sunday, we got up Monday morning, painted, played some games and got ready to go to the library, then to a movie.  Made the stop at the library first.  It was pouring down rain when we got there - so I told the kids to get out on Andrew's side (opposite me) - his door was closer to the entrance.  I ran around, got the kids out and ran to the door.  We returned our books, found a couple more to check out - took about ten minutes.  Had to get to the movies!  Back out to the car…and you guessed it.  I left the door open.  AGAIN.   Only this time, it was raining AND I left my purse in the car.  Fortunately, nothing was missing (it was pretty early, not many people at the library on a Monday morning in the pouring rain)…just a wet seat for Andrew.

So I AM crazy.  Maybe I'm getting dementia…or early onset alzheimers?  I'm really getting worried about this.  

Then Donny comes in tonight with my glasses.  And they were cold (no they weren't in the refrigerator!)  They were out in the back yard…right next to the bat that Max dropped when he hit himself in the nose…I ran to him, bent over, and the glasses fell off the top of my head.

Maybe I'm not crazy.  Maybe I'm just being a good grandma.  Because each incident was when I was with the kids.  I am focusing so much on THEM and not focusing on other things.   Like closing doors.  And glasses falling off my head.  

Makes me feel a little better.  And makes me smile that Melissa would laugh out loud.  Anything to make her laugh.  Even if it makes me look silly (or stupid).  


Closing with some good news…the 2014 recipient of the
 Melissa Fortener McLaughlin B Positive Award 
for the Fairmont Girls Basketball Team

Shea Morgan!

By the end of the week, we'll have the applications for Melissa's scholarship.  The recipient will be announced May 7 at the Academic Awards Ceremony at Fairmont.  

Don't forget to register for the FORT 5K…$25 if you register by May 25. 

See you there!

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Susan HeadInMyHands said...

What an amazing bitter sweet blog started by your daughter and now carried on by you, Pam. It's got to be a mixed bag of emotions when you sit down to post. Your lovely girl is apparent, I don't know Melissa but I think of her reading and watching you create. Thanks for leading me here.