Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy Birthday Melissa...#38

38 years ago, almost to the minute (right now) Melissa Marie was born.

The day started out a lot like today.  Woke up in labor around 3 a.m. Laid there until about 5 a.m. when I finally woke Donny up. It was time.

It was unusually warm early that morning.  The calm before the storm (the blizzard of '78 was on it's way).

Melissa was born @ 1:19 p.m.  Beautiful.  Healthy.  We were so happy.

Never, ever did we think we would outlive her.  It's not supposed to be that way.

We had 30 (almost 31) of the most amazing years.  I wish I could remember every minute.  Thank goodness I was a picture taker.  So was she.  That is where is find most of my memories.

Yesterday I was taking down the Christmas stuff, doing after Christmas cleaning.  We have a corner cupboard and I was looking in the cabinet at the bottom of the cupboard and found a decorative box that someone had given her.  She kept her cards in it.  I added a few things after she passed away.  Her calendar that she kept in her purse was there.  All filled out, highlighted in different colors for different events (just like her dad does) even had events on the calendar in January.  She always planned ahead.

I also found something my sister had written.  Well, it was written in her handwriting.  I googled the first couple of sentences and tried to find who the author is, but no author was listed.  So I'm not giving credit for the whole thing to my sister.    It was written to Melissa.

This is a little long (like my last post - after I posted and Donny read it, his only comment was, "wow. that was long"... I had a lot to say after 7 years.)  Anyway, finding it yesterday was like a gift to me.  Not only is today Melissa's birthday, it is 3 years today since Sue died.  Synchronicity.  It happens a lot.

The Visionary

Unfortunately, there are many that cannot see, through just life and circumstance, they happen to be blind but then there are others who are visionary and they're a rare breed and so very hard to find.

Visionaries see past obstacles that others would otherwise see, they don't let mere boulders get in their way.  They know that life is for the living and they don't let trivia ruin their day.

And like little children splashing in a puddle, which, after all, is little more than a dip filled with rain, you show others how to make the most of their difficulties, you show others how to live, how to start again.

Those without vision look at a mountain and see that it is too far to climb, but visionaries blink, go ahead and reach the summit, never stopping to wonder if they've got the time.

Visionaries live to inspire others, instinctively, they take the higher and wiser ground, they have a built in sense of grit and determination, although it's a kind of inner peace that they've found.

(the next part, I'm sure, is authored by Sue)

Because, Melissa, you are indeed a visionary and maybe this is something you've never been told, not only are you a very special person, you're the sweetest girl with a heart of gold.

You are always so happy and optimistic and your face is set with a natural and permanent smile and I wanted to let you know that you've inspired me, because even I feel down (once in awhile).

But then your courage and determination raise me up.  Your happiness makes me soar to greater heights and I'm so glad that you're sharing your vision, because you're making others see remarkable sights.

And with that vision I dream of a world where people are inspired and care for one another,
I dream of what could be possible, I see the potential for every man, child, girl and mother.

So I would just like to thank you for giving me your truly remarkable insight, you've given me your vision, your inspiration, your knowledge.  You've even shared some of your almighty might.

And your parents have done a splendid job, because they have helped you become who you are. You have definitely excelled in your life.  And you are now a shining star.

Because stars send out their love and light to us, no matter what distance may keep us apart, they are there to inspire us, to give us vision and yes, they are always, very much, within our hearts.


Happy Birthday Melissa Marie!


In memory of my beautiful daughter, Melissa Marie
and my amazing sister, Sue.

Love and miss you both so much.

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