Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend Recap is Back!
So I finally gave in and picked up a new camera. Its pretty nice. They were having a sale at Radio Shack and I picked up a Canon Power Shot SD1000 - about $30 off list price. I was happy with it, except I thought it took the same memory card as my old one and it doesnt!! Ugh....It came with one and guess how many pictures it could hold? About TWELVE! uh, no!

Saturday we were back out at Brimelow for the second time this month to watch the Hounds annihilate another rugby club. Didnt see much of the game though, mostly hanging out at the playground with Emma...

And Alex! (misti Ill email this one to you)
Pauly said I should change the name of by blog to and I have to agree. It's really taken lame to a new level. Its hard to get motivated with out any pictures. Now I have no excuse!! Here's pauly, talking to Ziggy about how bad my blog has gotten. No, really, thats what he was talking about when I took this:
After the game we went up to Drew's house to make sure he was still running the show.
Here he is yawning. He's either eating, pooping, sleeping or yawning, getting ready to sleep.
He does take a few moments to check in to see how the draft was going.
Awww..."I love Aunt Fort!" Would you belive I took this picture? Ill stop at nothing.
Later we had dinner at Marions, and then headed over to Tracy & Ross's place for her 30th b-day. Good times.
Ross wanted us all to bring a funny story about Tracy and needless to say, there were some great tales. Poor John. He's usually around Stacy and I reminiscing about Athens....and now he had to endure two hours of Fairmont stories. Seeing as Tracy's house was party central, everyone had great stories. I will not post them here, to protect the guilty.
And finally, I risked getting a speeding ticket tonight to catch up to this truck to get a shot of the vanity plate - Kat, Eva, Casey - Dont get any ideas!!!
On a happy note, those of you who have seen my cell phone recently, know that I have been using the same one for over five years. Its a dinosaur....antenna cracked off, its been dropped a hundred times, and a few weeks ago, I dropped it getting out of my car and popped off the volume button and since then, if I want to change the volume on the ringer or the phone, I have to pull my earring out and hit the volume pad through the hole in the side of he phone.

I have Sprint, and Sprint is the company who has commercials to the effect of "All the other wireless carriers screw their current customers and give all the deals to new customers...blah blah blah"

So while I was at Radio Shack I found a phone. I hate the insanity of cell phone sales....."Oh yes! This phone thats worth about sixty cents in material is actually THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS - - but with your 2 year get a HUNDERED AND SEVENTY FIVE dollars off!! - - So now you only have to pay ONE SEVENTY FIVE!!! But our store is offering a ONE HUNDERED DOLLAR MAIL IN REBATE!!! So this Three Hundered and Fifty dollar phone can be all yours for just SEVENTY FIVE DOLLARS!!!


Those are the kind of offers Im trying to digest as Im looking at the display of phones and get SOOO excited when the sales guy says the phone guessed it:


So, the phone is basically free with a little extra effort. Im sold.

He goes in to punch my phone number in and.....wha?....."Oh, you're a Sprint customer are you? According to this, you arent eligible for your ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FIVE DOLLAR rebate until September....but for now, you only get a SEVENTY FIVE dollar discount."

Oh? Off what?


So five minutes ago this phone was basically free (For new customers only) , and now its a HUNDRED DOLLARS because Ive been a loyal customer for SEVEN YEARS?? As I found out, yes.

So I went home, called customer service, and tried to explain my situation. The new "upgraded" phone I got a year and a half ago was AWFUL and one night I got frustrated and called Sprint and had them switch me back to my old phone. Never got a replacement, didnt send the old one back. That was my fault, but I think the rules could be bent a little in this situation right?

Nope! Customer service said those were the rules and there was nothing I could do.

I googled "How to get out of a sprint contract" and just didnt feel comfortable with calling sprint and claiming we moved to >insert location that doesnt offer sprint service<. Im not that big of a liar.

Long story, well, long, I called CS ONE more time, and this time said I wanted to cancel my contract and WHADDA YA KNOW??? I got my phone for 50 bucks.

Wow. Im sorry I subjected you to that story. Im a little excited about this new phone.


Aileen said...

Well , gotta give credit where credit is due. The Bastard is right...snnooooooze! I believe for Christmas this year everyone should buy you a camera. That way you'll have plenty of backups for when you carelessly trash yet another camera!!

Can't wait to meet Drew. I'm sure he still has that new baby smell. You know why women crave having babies? The smell of baby magic. It makes women's hormones go off the chart!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so bummed you didn't post any pictures of "the Radio Shack guy" or "Fort on hold with Sprint Customer Service".
P the B

Anonymous said...

She's back in full force! I've missed those adventures - the good old everyday ones. Love the picture of you and Drew.

Netti said...

Seriously Fort...I don't see a weekend recap for this past weekend yet and it's already Tuesday!!!! :-D

Aileen said...

I think it's a week-end of the month kind of deal. I feel so duped.

Netti said...

Me too!! I thought it would be at least an every Monday thing...ya know. Get Fort back into the swing of blogging. We were all fooled!

Anonymous said...

I don't need pictures - I want those accurate, insightful, thought provoking, commentaries - I know new job, new family member and spring fever..... and you must be waiting for the general election because what more could be said about what's in the news right now. Please post :)

Kate said...

Thank God I have Aileens blog. It keeps me going in between Melissa's monthly posts

Aileen said...

Dad said they had a houseful of OU Rugby girls at their house this week-end. I'm guessing they are in jail or have been court ordered into rehab.

Anonymous said...

"Fort Expains It All.....Or Rather.....Not At All"

P the B

Netti said...

The OU girls were only there Friday night and I think went back to OU on Sat after our game...Fort is MIA!

Anonymous said...

Shall we all kick in for a better camera - I'm starting to have withdrawals. Maybe we'll all be in rehab craving the latest gripe of the day, week, bi-weekly or even monthly comment.

Anonymous said...

Maybe i can get her back here by asking her for that chipotle-mayo recipe again? :)

aka San Diego/Charleston

Aileen said...

I say we organize a protest. We pick a date and time to meet and we picket outside her home refusing to leave until she not only posts something on here but signs a commitment agreement of a minimum of 3 posts per week.

~topeka said...

((crickets chirping....))

Netti said...

3 a week??? Lets start with 1 a week!

Anonymous said...

Great comments!! I am just going to set up my link to the comments page from now on, because that is the ONLY place there is any entertainment on this blog!!!
P the B

Netti said...

Do you think she has even gotten on this site?? I see her on our Kelts site all the time...

We can start our own blog on this comment page...what should our first topic be?

Aileen said...

Fort's Fans Explain in All??
Fort's Orphans?
Where in Cincinnati is Fort? (can be like a celebrity sighting page)
The Forgotten Ones?

I see on her Yahoo page that she is now taking the bus. Perhaps what we need to do is buy her a laptop. Certainly riding the bus to and from work will give her plenty of time for nothing other than blogging.