Thursday, April 17, 2008

Whoa, Baby!
So yeah, the blog sucks lately. Blame it on the sudden death of my camera, it has depleted any desire Ive had to blog. Mom sent me these cute pictures....I love the one of dad & Drew!!

So here are some random thoughts of late:
  • I am constantly reminded of my old age. This weird reaction I had on my hand has slowly started to heal, yet now my right hand looks like that of 50 year old who has lived a hard life. I hate it. My left hand, which serves as nothing more than a weekend beer holder, looks pristine. Figures.
  • The new job is still going great. My office is looking good. Have a nice but tasteful tapistry on the wall and some plants. Im really happy there. One thing I really like, is that interesting jewelery is appreciated. I cant wait to start buying more fun necklaces.
  • I am also reminded of my old age at this new job. I am faced daily with younger generations who are ushering in the new trends, most of which I have a hard time swallowing. Such as: SKINNY JEANS. Why Why Why did you skinny people bring these back? Werent you happy with boot cut? I thought we all agreed that we could collectively go another decade with boot cut. Now we're back to skin tight jeans with TAPERED ANKLES?? Really?

  • Well, if everyones going to be wearing "skinny jeans", I guess we cant wear big, bulky boots then right?? What something we could wear....hmmmm......lets dig into moms closet full of old shoes.....whats this? FLATS!!! YES!!! Everyone is wearing flats! Again, another trend that I thought we all collectively agreed was a very bad Idea. Why be 5'7 when you could be 5'9? I went into payless the other day to get a pair of dress shoes.....NOTHING BUT ****ing FLATS!!! And you know what I did the other day at Target? I bought a pair of flats. I havent worn them yet, but its only a matter of time. Im just sayin' America, are all women supposed to be pulling this off? Really?

Uh oh, maybe Im NOT supposed to be pulling this off. Maybe its time to face the facts of my age and start wearing the mom jeans;

So anyway, if uncle sam finally gets our tax return deposited before the weekend, maybe Ill be able to splurge on a new camera and document this weekend...its gonna be crazy!

Work event on Saturday morning, then off to the womens match at Germania, then back to Dayton to see the baby, and then off to see the Rubi Girls at Masque! So pumped.

Again, my apologies. Things are tight right now but once I get a new camera Im sure Ill get motivated again.

Happy Friday!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see the new pictures of Drew! I don't like skinny jeans even on skinny people. I don't think I've ever worn Mom jeans either - I'm with you, I love flares or boot cut... Tell us more about the new job when you can. I can't wait for pictures from this weekend - I remember the ones from last year. Have fun!!