Saturday, July 24, 2010


Interesting story from Shannon on her walk....but before I tell you HER story, I need to tell you something else the medium told me. Melissa is surrounded by butterflies. Told me last year when I saw him "she's sending you rainbows and butterflies". This year it was "her aura is engulfed with butterflies". SO. Actually a couple of butterfly stories to share...

Shannon texted me before the walk, and when she got to pitstops. I responded to her text at lunchtime with "she's with you every step of the way. watch for butterflies!"

She called me a couple of hours later. When they stopped for lunch, she took her shirt off (I'm guessing is was just as hot in Boston as it is here!) and laid it on the grass with the back up. The back of the shirt has a pink ribbon and I'M WALKING FOR FORT (and a couple other names). she was reading the text, looked over, and there was a BUTTERFLY on the shirt!
He (the medium) also mentioned "THE BOAT" in the session. He asked if I was going to "THE BOAT". I kind of chuckled and said NOT TODAY...he said "NO. Are you planning on going to the boat...because SHE'S GOING WITH YOU." (very emphatic). Then he said "she's talking about cherries...and, she's showing me a slot maching. So I guess you're supposed to put a couple of dollars in a slot machine..."
WELL. Melissa KNEW I LOVED to go to "the boat". So after lunch the next Monday, I talked my friend and her mom into going with me. Of course I was headed straight for the Wild Cherry slot machines, but as we were walking in, my friend said "mom always wins on the butterfly machines". I didn't even KNOW there were butterfly machines...
SO. Her mom found one, sat down, and in five minutes won $150. I found one, sat down, won $180. My friend found one, won $100.

You can call these coincidences...but I call them FORT.

Also, it's pretty common to see monarch butterflies in our area, but don't see a lot of other types usually. The other day, I came home and the most beautiful butterfly landed on my blackeyed susans, spread its wings, and let me take pictures. I'm guess THAT was from Melissa too.
Made my day.
Thanks Fort.

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Becky Atkins said...

Love it! I'm the same way with Thunderstorms. Always come when I need them ;) (even on new years eve when Will was born -- thundersnow!!!)