Monday, September 20, 2010


Another interesting butterfly story.
Just got off the phone with a good friend of Donny's. Tim & his girlfriend Catherine have lived in Michigan for several years, and we are in touch once or twice a year.
Catherine had a biopsy today for breast cancer...and now has to wait two days for the results. He wanted to talk to someone who's been there. So he called us.
I talked to him for almost an hour before Donny got home from practice. Besides talking about "what might happen" depending on the results - we talked about how getting the diagnosis changes your perspective about your life...what's important, what's not important...then Tim says, "well, I need to tell you about when she had her biopsy. I was in the room, and I looked up and there was a butterfly on the light in the room"...
He had not read the blog since Melissa passed away. He didn't know ANYTHING about the butterfly stories. First he couldn't undertand HOW a butterfly got in the basement of an office building, but also felt like the butterfly was watching over Catherine...and the fact that he told ME the story, well. You know me. I told him "it was Fort".
(I'm sure everyone thinks I'm a little crazy...but hey. It's gets me through each day...One day at a time.

Love you-Miss you EVERY.SINGLE.DAY Melissa!

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Anonymous said...

Pam, I have to tell you that while I was on the main stage at the Air Force Marathon with Carl Day waiting to cross the finish line with my Miles That Matter teammates a beautiful Monarch was flying all around us! Fort, my mom or Carl's wife Donna or all 3 ~I'm not sure, but it was amazing! My husband even remarked on it!