Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cincy vs. Dayton

Just happened to check Facebook on Friday night and saw the post from Segal about the Kelts vs. Dayton game on Saturday. I had to go to this one...Fort played for BOTH teams, and I could see a lot of her friends! Got there right about half time. The Kelts looked awesome - won 35-7 (I think that was the score-that's what Netti's mom said anyway!)...It is always nice to see Fort's friends - AND John too. It was a perfect fall day. She would have loved it. Don't get to enough games. Still need to get to one of the men's games too.

Speaking of the men's team - the Breast Cancer Fundraiser is scheduled for October 23 @ Haps in Cincinnati. If you don't have anything to do that day - it's a fun time. They had the first fundraiser in 2003, the year Fort was diagnosed. They usually raise close to $5000 for The Susan G. Komen Foundation. It's a great event for a great cause.
They raffle off several baskets of goodies and sell tickets in advance for cash prizes.

I was standing on the sidelines talking to Stewy I think, look up and Kyra is running towards me and I HAVE to get the picture...pull out Fort's camera...snap...and WALLA!
Somehow I got a great shot of Kyra running up the sidelines! She was about midfield when I took the picture and she ended up scoring on this run!

Kelts coach Curt - also the designer of the Firebirds for Fort logo! Thanks Curt!

Fort's friend from OU AND former teammate on Cincy-Dayton team - KJ. She's now coaching the Dayton team!

As I was leaving the game, I stopped to talk to Eva. I turned around, and experience another "FIRST". This was the first time I've seen Melissa's car since..well..since probably November 2008. She came up to see Dr. Romer for a treatment, and her car was parked in front of our house. I haven't seen it a little emotional (sorry Eva). Still has the Ohio University sticker and the KELTS sticker in the back window...but missing the SR5R license plate...Melissa's teammate and friend Amy is the new owner. It is where it SHOULD be, at rugby games with a RUGBY player....I's ONLY a car...but it's HER car. Those firsts are really hard.

Went to the Italian Fest after Nick's softball game on Sunday. Not very crowded at that point...which is good...but running out of food too...which is bad, especially when Nick hasn't eaten all day! In fact, I guess it was pretty boring...had to find SOMETHING to do...
Nick, Drew and Donny working on their 3 point stance...Fort would be proud!

Drew at his first Italian Fest - got to draw the winning ticket for the Top Prize basket on the stage!

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