Saturday, February 12, 2011


If you are reading this blog for the first time (and I'm HOPING there are lots of new readers after this weekend)...PLEASE go to
That is where Melissa STARTED the blog - and you want to read what SHE wrote. You can also look down the right side of THIS page and go to the archives. Anything before Jan 2009, MELISSA wrote. Her last post was Christmas Eve, a week before she passed away. She left you thinking she was going back to work... She will make you laugh out loud. She was an AWESOME writer...I just took over where she left off. But please read HER writing...thanks for reading. It means a lot to me. -
Pam (Fort's mom)


Ellen said...

I met you getting off of the bus at the race. I wanted to let you know that I thought about Fort and wore her bracelet throughout the race. You're amazing and it's a wonderful thing to keep her memory alive through fighting breast cancer.

Gregg said...

I am sorry for your loss but would like to say that it was a pleasure meeting you at Sneakers. I am the guy in the motorcycle attire. Congratulations to your team on the Donna Race. We have a Komen Race in Savannah April 16th (lots of other races as well) in case you are interested.

Anonymous said...

Ellen..Thank you. I remember meeting you that morning when we got off the bus(you said you saw the button on my hat? AND 1978 - you were born the same year, right?) Hope you keep reading and share her blog - and Gregg, thank you too. We'll see if we can get a group to do the Savannah race in April - I'm enjoying this PLUS I get to talk about Melissa. Thanks for reading. Pam (Fort's mom)

Ellen said...

You are truly a couragious and amazing women. I live in Atlanta so I will come out and support you when you are here for the walk!