Saturday, March 12, 2011

7 years ago today....

Friday, March 12, 2004. Melissa & John were married.
Another of the HAPPIEST days of our life...
(When your KIDS are happy, YOU are happy)

Hard to believe it was seven years ago...

Harry (best man) and Fort & JMac

After the ceremony (which was in City Hall in Blue Ash) they had some fun with pictures. In Fort's scrapbook, her caption on this one is
YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH (from a Few Good Men)

Tracy, Stacy, the Bride and Angie (Maid of Honor)

Even though the wedding was low key, we did the traditional cutting of the cake, and the garter...and of course HARRY caught the garter, but Fort was having some fun with it...

Honeymoon chauffeur...Casey James with Fort (going to Savannah for the big Rugby Tournament and to celebrate not only their honeymoon, but St. Patty's Day!)

In the car ready to go on their honeymoon - whooping it up...


FORT would be in HEAVEN....oh...she IS in heaven. If she were HERE she would be in heaven...and I'm pretty sure she was there for the game last night. I didn't go (came home sicker than a dog from work) but Donny did. He called me several times to update, and kept me on the phone for the last 41 seconds with a play by play. It was awesome. We have been faithful followers of the Firebirds ever since Melissa played - way back in the 90s. She LOVED the Firebirds. So we don't stop going. With 5 freshman, 3 sophomores and only losing one senior - I see a some great years ahead.

FAIRMONT WINS REGIONAL FINALS!!!! Fairmont 55 Springboro 51
Chelsea Welch (sophomore) & Kelly Hart (the LONE Senior) celebrate!
Going to Columbus for the State FINALS Friday. They will play Toledo Start in the Semi-finals!
(this photo is from the Dayton Daily News - taken by Ron Alvey)

Head Coach - Tim Cogan, after District Finals WIN!

After winning District Finals in Harrison.
Kelly Hart,far left, LONE senior, Mikayla Waterman (freshman) Kathryn Westbeld (fr)Chelsea Welch (soph) Devin Farley (soph) Alonna Skipper (soph)-INCREDIBLE 3 pt shooter!

Nick was a sophomore, Fort a Senior in their Fairmont Basketball jerseys.
The love of Fairmont basketball started here...

Have to close with a CUTE picture of Max...Fort would...

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