Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I don't know if you are familiar with "ORBS"...but I'm pretty sure I have one in a photo I took today at school...and I'm PRETTY SURE it's Jackie...

Several years ago, Jackie and I (and other staff members) attended a Picture Book Read In (for a few years in a row). It was at Wright State University. We arrived around 8 a.m. and there were multiple copies of around 100 newly published picture books. You started reading around 8:30 and read until about 2 p.m. - as many of the books as you could read. It was awesome. Jackie LOVED the read ins. I started having them at Moraine Meadows for the entire school. Usually toward the end of the year after the reading incentive program.

SO. A couple of weeks ago I placed my order for the library at school. The order came in on Friday. My plan was to have a Picture Book Read In this week for all classes in the library (around 100 new books)...the kids loved it. I LOVE seeing them engrossed in a book. So I took a lot of pictures - over 60.

This picture was taken today. As soon as I took it, I saw the orb on the screen of the camera...I KNOW it was Jackie. It is RIGHT over the book - and I zoomed in to see if I could figure out which book he was reading - it's called MONSTERS EAT WHINY KIDS (Jackie would love it, I'm SURE).

I checked the lens, and NO OTHER PICTURE had this "spot" on it.

A friend of mine saw it tonight and said "Pam, Jackie knew you would KNOW it was HER!" (After we lost Melissa, we got LOTS of signs that Melissa is still around. Jackie knew about EVERY sign we got. I LOOK for signs. And when you look, you will find the signs!)

I believe. Do you????

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