Monday, January 9, 2012

Extended birthday...

A few years ago, Melissa posted on JP's birthday, along with a photo of HIS grave. She wrote "I never thought I'd be visiting my son at the cemetery on his birthday."
I never thought I'd be visiting MY daughter at the cemetery on HER birthday. But I do. I buy her a card, balloons, and sing happy birthday to her. Just too hard to stop.

We had another balloon release - about 20 people were there. It was a beautiful, sunny day. Warmest one yet. Will probably do this every year. Makes ME feel better...

Sending Melissa balloons (AND messages!) to help her celebration in heaven...

I asked Angie to write ANOTHER tribute (she does it every year)...she did a great job AGAIN. Thanks Ang. You say exactly what I feel...

I spent many years while Fort had cancer being terrified of a world without her. The idea of it always took my breath away...literally. It was a world impossible to imagine and it really wasn't one that I was excited about living in. Yet, here we all are three years after losing her. Everyday since January 3, 2009 the sun has still risen and set and the world has kept right on going. The thing is, that while she left this place and isn't physically with us---she really is still here in so many ways. She's here in each of us. If you close your eyes tight, I bet you can still see her pretty face, hear her contagious laugh, or remember a funny Fort story.

You channel her energy when you have a tough choice to make or when you need an attitude check. When you complain or feel sorry for yourself, you hear her voice saying, "Suck it up!" In our lives after Fort, you are able to see the bright side even in a tough situation. She's there in the rainbow in the sky, the butterfly that crosses your path, and in every blessing that comes your way. There are smells and sounds and songs and movies that keep her with me everyday. I hope that ten years from now every one of those memories is just as vivid in mind as they are right now...I think they will be. Fort was pretty much the MOST unforgetable person EVER invented! We miss you Fort, but as long as we all live we'll keep your memory alive and well down here on earth. Happy birthday, Fort. We love you and miss you.


On a lighter note...In 2008, Melissa and Stacy turned 30. Pauly turned 40. They decided to celebrate with "100 Years of Greatness". Had dinner with a few friends at Bangkok Bistro next to Haps (where all the parties are after the rugby matches).
Since then, they celebrate every year, include Melissa, AND include us. This year was "112 Years of Greatness" (Stacy 34, Melissa 34, Pauly 44). The first year without Melissa, Stacy made a CD "One Year Later". Melissa LOVED Stacy's CD mixes. So do I. Last year, it was "TWO", this year "THREE". Great music,each song chosen for a specific reason. I love it. They all shared great memories about Melissa. We are so happy that they include us every year, and so happy that they continue to share stories.

Fort LOVED when Drew did something cute... so I have to share this. She would love it.
On New Years Day, Drew woke up and said "Pop Pop. I think I have a beard."
Donny laughed and told him to tell Pamma. Then he said "Pamma. I think I have a mustache!" (as he was feeling his upper lip) WHY he would think that...WHO knows. Maybe he thinks since his DAD has one, HE is growing one. It was kind of funny...He keeps us smiling, that's for sure!

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