Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Still playin' after all these years...

...and we WON.  League AND tournament!  Sponsored the last two years by Angie's Firehouse Tavern, this year we were in the over 35 league.  I KNOW Melissa would be so proud.  I think she was amazed that I was still playing at 50.  (that was the year I tore my hamstring, last game of the season against the BEST team in the league.  Thought I could beat out the throw to first from the best shortstop in the league...NOT.  I didn't, took a HUGE stride to beat out the throw and tore the hamstring, fell to the ground in a heap.  The other team thought I hit my head, so someone on their team called the squad.    Donny yelled "She's fine.  Get her off the field."  ME.  His wife.  Get her off the field.  Really?  Nick AND Melissa were BOTH at the game (Melissa had a treatment the next morning and was spending the night.) They ended up sitting in the emergency room with me (after following me in the ambulance to the hospital).  I thought I might have broken some ribs I hit the ground so hard.  The doctor in the ER actually told me "you are too old to be playing softball."  I don't know how to say this and be nice, but she was probably over 300 lbs....I wanted to say to her "and you're too *** to be a doctor."  But I didn't.  Why would you tell someone who is still ACTIVE to stop being active?????? Donny, Melissa and Nick ALL gave me a hard time, but NEVER told me to stop playing.  So I showed her...six years later and I'm STILL playing.  Kind of.  Me and Susie (one of our pitchers) will never let the team forfeit.  I did play in a few games this summer.  Not a great game for me tonight (0-3), but not too bad at first (for the two innings I played).  I'll do the same thing next year if Donny coaches.

So, summer is officially over.  Softball season is over and school has started...without me.  Making lists of lots of things I need to get done around the house.  It's hard to change things from the way they were when Melissa was here.  I know she would approve, but it's comforting to have things JUST the way they were when SHE was here.  One thing at a time....one day at a time.

 Drew and Max - getting ready for a visit to their new preschool
 Me & Mike Fink - good friend from high school in for reunion
Coach Fortener with trophy, and the 2012 Angie's Firehouse team -
League Champions AND Tournament Champions!

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