Saturday, September 15, 2012


To be perfectly honest, I don't even know what the date is.  I know it's Saturday, but since I've been retired, I know DAYS but not dates.  

I haven't updated in awhile, because when I post something, I want it to be something Melissa would post.  My life isn't always as exciting as hers was.  But with fall just around the corner, I know she would be posting pictures about rugby matches, football games, and always stories about Drew (and now Max too).  

Road Trip(s)

Occasionally Melissa would  post stories on the blog that I shared with her.  I think this is one she would share.  She LOVED my dad.  I think she inherited his social skills...and his love of a cold beer.  A few years ago (actually, more than four years ago), they were in town to visit some of Melissa's high school friends.  I think we had dinner and she was ready to head to Taggart's to meet her friends.  We were invited, but declined - not much on late nights any more.  My dad was here and said "I'll go with you".  He was a lot younger then...78.  He went out with them and she came home with some great videos of him singing and dancing and having a great time with her and John and all their friends.  She loved it. 

Well, he hasn't changed much in four years.  Still loves a good party.  A good cold beer.  And his place in Florida.  Especially the VFW and all his friends there.  (Remember "Norm" on Cheers?  Think "IRV" at the VFW.  That's him.  Just like "Fort" at OU.)

Ok.  Road trip.  I decided to join him on his trip to Florida this do all the driving.  I-75 is not what it used to be.  It's getting scarier and scarier.  Dad has a routine when he drives to Florida.  First day, he drives to Sweetwater, TN.  Stays in the same hotel, same room.  He walks in and says "look me up.  I want the same room as last time."
Next day, we drive to Tifton, GA. Same hotel, same room.  "Look me up, I stayed here in May."  Then he visits his friends who live in Tifton.   Day three, five hours to Melbourne. 
Ran by the airport (so he would know where to drop me off) then a stop at the beach for pictures.   Then to his place to unpack.  He did "let" me go to the pool for an hour, but had to get to the VFW.  They were waiting for him.  I know why he wants to be there.  Every woman in the place came up to him for a hug and a kiss.  And in unison, everyone at the bar said "IRV!"  He loves it there.  
But he does not need to be driving on the highway any more.  (Much to his dismay).  If he doesn't fly home in the spring, I'll be flying down to drive home with him.  

Field Trips

If its not a road trip, it's a field trip with the boys.  I have found that Mondays and Tuesdays are a lot more fun if I have something planned.  So far, we've visited Boonshoft (local children's museum), Cox Arboretum, Air Force Museum, and several area parks.  They have a LOT of energy.  Got to visit them at school for my FIRST Grandparent's day too.   

 Having fun at Cox Arboretum...
         Exploring (Drew found a frog!)

 Beautiful flowers at the Arboretum...
and a Butterfly House, that was unfortunately closed! (but we could 
still see all the butterflies inside!)

not GREAT pictures, but got to see LOTS of Monarchs!

 I was reading and Drew took my camera out of my purse and said "SMILE Pamma!"

Then he took a picture of me and Max....

so of course I had to let Max take a picture of Drew...

SO.  Guess what they are getting for Christmas....(got Melissa her first camera when she was in high school.  She LOVED it.  I am so thankful for that and for all the pictures she left us!)

 Grandparents Day...Pamma and Max  (the couple behind us in the picture?  Their daughter played basketball and with and was a friend of Melissa's from grade school.  Small world.)
                    Mimi and Andrew

Road Trip II

I'm kind of liking this retirement thing.  Road trip II.  Left Thursday morning, right after Grandparent's breakfast for Martin, Tennessee.  Donny's nephew (Melissa's cousin) Ryan plays for Southeastern Louisiana.  They played UT Martin.  One of his "close" games to Ohio.  So I went.  Seven hour drive to watch a three hour game.  Got up the next morning for the seven hour drive home (and exciting ride home at run off the road by a semi! Donny's brother Mike was with me and stayed VERY calm.  I was driving partially on the grass/partially on the road for about 100 yards!  Really need to keep BOTH hands on the wheel when you are on the highway - you never know WHAT'S going to happen!)

 Jan (Donny's sister) and Ron (Ryan is in between them on the sidelines ~ #6)

Missed the Fairmont game (a little tired), but did make Coach Fortener's game on Saturday morning...FORT would be SO proud of her dad.  He's the head coach of the JV team this year...

Coach Fortener on the field with his offense...

Stayed til halftime, had to get to Eastwood Park for the Cincy/Dayton rugby match.

Saw lots of Fort's friends.  Dave and Edie (Kyra's parents), Jen, Tess, Curt,
Pauly & Luke, Eva and Jaiden(?),Sam, Netti's mom.  Several of her friends are
STILL playing...Netti, Elizabeth, Philly, Bea, Crazy Legs (Kelly).  It is SO 
nice to see her friends.  Oh.  And she was there too.  Saw a couple butterflies
flying over the field.  She hangs around still.

Pauly and Luke, Eva and Jaiden

Boy do I miss her.  Every single day.  There is something EVERY day that reminds me of her.  And as good as it is to see her friends, I can't help but wish that she were still here too.
I miss that laugh.  (oh I miss her rolling her eyes at me too. Really.)  I miss taking care of her.  But I am SO glad her friends call and remind me of games, or just stay in touch. 
I know SHE KNEW her friends  would be there for us.  She picked GREAT friends.

And ANOTHER great friend was next on my list on this busy Saturday.  Angie.  Went to her FIRST baby shower.  Bennett Thomas is due to arrive November 12.  Hard to believe.  
She's excited and happy and looks great.  One more shower to go - next Sunday.  She's just about ready for his arrival!

Ok. So I saved the best for last.  

Monday after a busy day with the boys, we came home to relax, maybe even take a nap.
I was reading (yep, in that picture up there).  Max LOVES to work on puzzles, and I have lots of them.  He went out to their little table, picked a puzzle, came and sat on the floor next to me and said "I'm going to do this f*n puzzle)".  I THOUGHT I heard what he said, but wasn't I asked him.  "WHAT did you say Max?"  

He looked up, innocently, and said "I'm going to do this F*n puzzle."

I looked at Andrew, like I couldn't believe he said THAT, and Andrew said
"He said he's going to do that F*n puzzle".

Before I went outside to laugh, I looked at him and said "If your daddy said that, I'd have to put soap in his mouth.  That is a DIRTY word, Max."  

His bottom lip went out, quivering, "Are you mad at me Pamma?"

It was SO innocent.  
So while I was on the deck laughing, I was also dialing Nick.
"You need to stop dropping the "F" bomb in front of your kids!"

They are working on it.  

Hopefully, MAX won't drop the "F" bomb at school.  If he does, HOPEFULLY
they won't understand.  

We'll be working on it here too.  

(I can actually HEAR Melissa laughing at this one.  How I wish I could pick up the phone and call HER so SHE could post this.  ANOTHER thing I miss every day....)

Have a great fall.

Love you and miss you every single day Melissa.

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