Tuesday, August 20, 2013

4 years later....

 Happy 4th Birthday Maxwell Irvin!

The first we knew of Max's imminent arrival was December 2008.  Melissa was still here.
Nick and Mere wrote out on a piece of paper "Meredith is pregnant", then cut it up (like a puzzle),
gave it to Melissa to put together.  She got the "Mere" together and said "is Meredith pregnant?"

They wanted Melissa to name the baby.  At the time, she was at our house in Hospice care.  She was laying in her bed in the family room, and we thought she was sleeping.   She said "Wilkinson Ray".
We all looked at each other like "What?  Is she kidding????"  She opened her eyes and laughed "YES. I am just kidding!"  Evidently there is a famous rugby player by that name.  Obviously at that time they didn't know if they were having a boy or girl, and this was around Christmas time, when her health was declining rapidly.  She never did pick names.

But I will say that the name they picked is VERY appropriate for Max.  Especially his middle name.
After my dad.  (she agrees...the puzzle just went off!)  The first time we realized how much Max is like my dad was when we said "The sky is blue" (or something like that), and he said "No it isn't".  Just like my dad.  ALWAYS right.  We were driving by the mall the other day and Max said something about it being a soccer store (because that's where they bought his soccer stuff).  We said "No, it's the Dayton Mall".  He said "No it isn't".  It's like that ALL the time.  We just laugh and call him "little Irv".

He arrived via C-section August 20, 2009.  To a not so happy little brother...but that has gotten better.
Being so close in age (they are 16 months apart), they are VERY close.  Max does EVERYTHING Andrew does.  They are very competitive.   They are alike in a lot of ways, but in some ways very different - like when they eat...Andrew is very clean. If anything gets on his hands, he wipes them off immediately.  Max is covered with whatever he is eating.  Every time.

The other day, I took them out to breakfast.  He took one of the jellies and was going to eat it.  I told him to wait until his toast came, he could put it on his toast.  I looked away for a minute, and when I looked back, this is what I saw...

his mouth was "ringed" with jelly.  I kind of gave him one of those "looks", and he said "I didn't eat any Pamma, I didn't!"  Then he had one of those grins...How can you not laugh?  

I found  a few of my favorite Max pictures...and some from this birthday.  

One of my favorites...Aunt Sue LOVED Andrew & Max - and they loved her!
Just the other day Max was talking about Aunt Sue.  They miss her too...

I was trying to do the "self portrait" and I couldn't get him to just SMILE.  Had to make a face (FORT!)
Then he was laughing...I love these shots!

For Max's birthday, we went to Newport Aquarium.  He was petting baby sharks and horseshoe crabs...not afraid of anything.

Celebrated his birthday on the 19th - because he had soccer practice on his birthday.
But he's going to be a baseball player...

Happy 4th Birthday Max!  We love you!


Had a big day with Andrew too last week!  I got to take him to his Kindergarten Assessment and Bus Safety Program.  Can't believe he's starting Kindergarten next week!

on the bus..."back to the back, seat to the seat, feet to the floor"....just a little to remember!


Took them swimming on Monday and WORE. THEM. OUT.  Got home and they wouldn't take a nap.  Until PopPop crawled in with them.... ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz


Went to a fundraiser with Jen (Smitty) for a friend of hers who was diagnosed with breast cancer, NO INSURANCE.  Great fundraiser.  Jen ALWAYS wins something (usually a purse).  This time, she won a basket FILLED with good stuff...she gave some it to me...
Butterfly Kiss wine!

That's it for now.  Can't believe summer is almost over and fall is just around the corner...
Melissa LOVED LOVED LOVED the fall...that makes fall very sentimental for me.
Makes me miss her even more.  

Love you pretty girl...(think she's ok with this post - the puzzle went off multiple times tonight. Hasn't gone off in awhile. That makes me happy. ) Plus I got another visit Sunday night, and I think another last night.  It's my birthday present, I'm pretty sure.  Doesn't take much to make me happy!

Thursday is my birthday.  Do something nice for someone for me...a random act of kindness.  
That would make me happy too.

Enjoy the last few days of summer...

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