Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A New Chapter...

in the Fortener family book...

Andrew started Kindergarten this year!  Hard to believe.  Already a good story to tell.  After getting off the bus, we were walking back to their house.  He said "I had a great day today Pamma!"  I asked him what they did.  He was trying to tell me what they did but I couldn't understand him - I thought he was saying "we learned three new WORDS today" - but he kept saying "NO.  RUS"...finally I asked him to tell me what the word meant - and he said "you know, what we can do and what we can't do" ...
OH.  RULES.  So we figured that out.  Then he said "we learned about OPPOSITES too".
So I said "What's the opposite of night?"  "Day"  Black?  "Gray" - um... then he said "white",
then Up - "Down".  Then pointed to myself and said "me"(and thought he would say YOU) and he said "Pop Pop".  Funny thing - we ARE opposites!

Looking forward to Andrew reading some books to ME.

Andrew & Max are playing soccer this year too...

Have played two games so far - and happy to say that they are having fun.  Can't say that for all the four and five year olds out there, but they seem to being enjoying it.

Of course enjoyed the Holiday at Home parade and festivities too...

our friend Greg taking the kids on rides on the golf cart...

Andrew waiting for the parade...

the best part of the parade...the Star Wars characters!
TWO happy boys!

Celebrating my birthday with the boys at Cracker Barrel. New tradition.
Not much on celebrating my birthday any more, but this I LOVE.

My flower garden.  Didn't even plant it this year. It reseeded itself from last year.

"I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the fall"
Cleaning up her resting place.  She loved the fall so much.  I used to.  Not so much 
anymore.  Not the same without her.  

Stopped by to visit my friend Jackie too.  She's not too far from Melissa.


and ANOTHER chapter for the book.  Andrew gave us a little excitement today.
When he came home from the sitters, he told Mere "I swallowed a penny".
It was actually a quarter.
Mere took Andrew to Urgent Care, Nick stayed home with Max. While at Urgent
Care, Andrew was sitting on a chair, holding his chest (I guess it was hurting when the quarter was moving down)...he leaned forward and face planted on the tile floor.  Smashed his forehead and nose.  Started throwing up immediately.  Several times. 

On to Childrens Hospital, where he had a couple of X-rays AND a CT scan.  Xrays to see if the quarter is moving.  If it doesn't get into his stomach, they will have to extract it.  More concerned about the fall - and concerned about a possible bleed.  They are still waiting for the results. I probably won't sleep tonight - Donny and Max are already asleep.  I'm waiting for a phone call.

NOTHING worse than seeing your child in pain.  Only thing worse is seeing your GRANDCHILD in pain....

Although he doesn't look like he's in too much pain here, I worry because he's sleeping and he has a concussion...(if you look closely, you can see the big red mark on his forehead)... they are keeping him overnight for observation.  Always something to worry about when you have kids.  And it doesn't change with grandkids....

What I DO know, is he has his own personal Guardian Angel.  Yesterday, he told Mere that Melissa was sitting next to her.  She said "how do you know?"  He said "I can see her".  She's always around.
Now she's sending me hearts.  I see them everywhere.

I think I posted this one before, but the angel and heart are outlined in this one...

I used to love this time of year...now I just have memories of her last autumn.  She wasn't feeling well, but we did some fun things.  Went to the Holiday at Home festivities, went to the Oktoberfest in Cincinnati, took walks...when I walk now, I just remember how much she loved this time of year, and I just miss her so much...every minute of every day.  The hole in my heart is aching so much...

But I know you are with us.  Andrew just confirmed it.  

Love you and miss you every minute of every day Melissa Marie.

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Carol Schultz said...

I’m sure many enjoyed going to the Holiday at Home parade. There are a lot of fun and exciting activities. The kids were probably the ones who enjoyed it the most. They get to ride on a golf cart, and they even had a picture with the Star Wars characters. How awesome is that? :D
Carol Schultz @ A Plus Carts