Friday, September 12, 2014

The Puzzle

I was just browsing on Facebook and came across a poster that said "As I sit here and whisper "I miss you" I believe somehow you can still here me.  Then it said "Read this two ways:  1. From you to your loved one.  2. From your loved one to you.

This is the puzzle

It sits behind our corner cupboard.  Has for a long time.  We bought it for the boys three or four years ago for Christmas.  All the pieces are missing.  Behind each piece is a small speaker that makes the sound of the animal.  It is motion activated.  Ever since we lost the pieces (3 or 4 years ago) it goes off random times…like whenever we are talking to Melissa or talking ABOUT Melissa.  Or one of her friends calls on the phone.  Whenever we NEED to hear from her.  

When Melissa passed away, my sister Sue loaned us something Melissa made for her - A poster of the Maya Angelou poem "The Phenomenal Woman".  We put it out at Melissa's funeral.  When Sue turned 50 (after Melissa passed away), we still had it.  I decided to wrap up the poster and give it back to her.  It was hers.  From Melissa.  As I was writing in Sue's card "I know Melissa would want you to have this back"  The puzzle went off.

It happens all the time.  So today, when I was sitting here browsing and found the poster…
 I whispered "I miss you so much Melissa.  Every single day"

And the puzzle went off.  She's with me.  Every day.

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