Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fort's Poetry

When Fort was a senior in high school, she had a project for her creative writing class. She had several weeks to do it, but waited until the night before to get it done. (She was a procrastinator to the nth degree...just like her mom). She handed me the completed, graded project in between basketball games (she was playing)..."look mom, I got an A!"
She was an amazing writer then...just got better at it. Her poetry kind of tells you her story when she was in high school. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Hi! My name is stress
I like highschoolers alot
They're really vulnerable now. They wanna go to college, they wanna go to Florida, they want boyfriends
good grades,
nice cars,
but guess what? Bratty highschoolers suck.
Actually I suck. I suck the energy right out of them. I make their life a living hell until
they want to cry, and curl up in a corner in that silly fetal position. It's neat how it's the same position that gave me the opportunity to give their mommies a little taste of me.
That was a different kind of stress, though. Like a physical stress.
God I love athletes. I usually like to move in when they think they're done with a really tough practice
and I can feel it
I can taste it
The coach wants two more suicides, turkeys!
This is the part I really like because then I just linger because with this later practice and all
how in the hell are they going to finish all their homework?
that's cool when they cry
I like it alot.
My life is like one of those big confusing, circular arguments.
There is no way out-
Man, I really get off when I work really hard to make a kid's life a living hell,
and then,
he finally gets his homework done,
I'm leavin' the house,
depressed cuz it's over,
but then all of the sudden I'm at his teacher's house cuz she's
bitchin about all these papers to grade, and her husband wants dinner, but she hasn't gone shopping yet, cuz she had to stay after school because some little shit was stealing all of her favorite new pens and.....
Ohh, OH, Oooohhhhh,
Ahh, Ah, Ahhhhhhhhh........
Sorry bout that.
God, I love this job.

Depression & Ice Cream Pie
Life confuses me.
I do many things that suggest
the notion that
my overall timing is out of whack
the choices I make suck
and I might just have to settle for less than the best
I don't want sympathy,
but listen, okay?
I made a choice this summer
It was a very bad choice
I was caught making this choice
And here I sit in misery, thinking about it every day, thinking about
a reputation lost in the eyes
that know.
Im suffering but I get by because
Hey, I've got goals, sure I've got em'!
1)A guy doesn't like me
2)Grades I can't seem to Make
3)a figure I'll never have
I've got greart friends
but do I make them as happy as they make me?
rejection is painful
how do I escape these feelings?
usually a good CD
sure "I've got two legs that can carry me, two sharp eyes to look for the light,
I've got two strong arms to hold on tight, two good friends on my left and right."
But who is my "only one"?
Jesus, I can find the most depressing aspect
of a cheery song sometimes
I'm hungry
I think an ice cream pie would cheer me up.
Yeah, an Ice Cream Pie.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading Melissa's poems. I remember her writing in my class was so good - even tho' it was at the last minute - and could have been even better :-) The Stress poem was exceptionally creative. Miss her too. Love, ML