Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy 30th Nick!

(here we go's one of my kids I HAVE to tell the story of
the day they were born. I KNOW Fort would approve - she might have better stories than I do-NO she WOULD have better stories than I do, but for now, I know she would say "HAP BIRTDAY NICK!")

Dear Nick,
On the day you were born...ACTUALLY 4 days before you were born, we were in
the hospital, walking the halls, TRYING to have a baby. YOU. It was Leap Day,
and I was kind of excited about a Leap Year baby...but you weren't. You wanted
a birthday EVERY year, not every 4 years!
SO...4 days later, I woke up and thought my water had broken. So I went to the
doctor - he said "NOPE"...not yet. But that evening, when your dad got home,
we sat down to dinner, and I said "I think I'm in labor". So we packed Melissa
up, took her to Jean & Steve's. Got in the car, and dad said "hmmm...which way should we go-down Wayne, or the highway???" My response? "I don't care, just GET ME THERE!"
We arrived at St. Elizabeth's at 7:36 (we have the ticket from the parking lot to prove it!). YOU arrived 71 minutes later - at 8:47 p.m. 7lbs. 7 oz.
We were THRILLED. Now our family was complete...a girl AND a boy. And the
next day, I got roses for the first time!
Happy 30th birthday, Nicholas Andrew!

Nick-a happy baby at 6 months!

Nick & his FAVORITE sister...

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