Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Memories of Fort...

Every once in awhile I find something that makes me laugh when I think about Melissa. I was going through some old emails and found one that I had sent out while she was in Hospice...she ALWAYS had a great sense of humor. Even in the last couple of weeks. I hope it makes you smile too...

Sunday, December 14, 2008
Mornings have been pretty good for Melissa. She's been eating rice krispies for breakfast, and usually two cartons of skim milk. When we left, she and John were watching the Sunday Morning show they watch together at home every Sunday. Good time for us to leave them alone for awhile.
Yesterday she had a busy morning - some of her closest friends brought their babies (Drew was there too). She loved it. But it really wore her out. She had a few more visitors after they left, got her meds around 2 and slept from 2 til about 6. She really needed the sleep.
She asked me this morning if I would take her to the Dayton Mall to look for a wig after she finished her blog this morning. No change in her attitude that she will be getting out of there soon.
Hospice is a WONDERFUL facility. Her doctor, nurses, aides are very understanding and caring. She continues to make us laugh every day. She gets a "bed bath" every day. Wednesday and Thursday, Ne Ne was the nurses aide that gave her a bath. Yesterday, a new aide came in and asked when she wanted her bath - when she left, Melissa looked at me and said "I already have a girlfriend, and I am not ready to break up with her yet...." (I guess that was Ne Ne....)
She asked that her catheter be taken out the second day she was there, and the nurse had no problem with that.
She is now getting out of bed, with help of course, and can walk to the bathroom. Each time we have to change her cannula to the one with the longer cord, because she has to be on oxygen all the time. She is pretty weak, but her spirit is VERY strong. She has always been a competitor and does NOT give in to defeat easily.

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Anonymous said...

I love reading posts like this...seems like just yesterday and I can picture it in my mind so clearly. Please don't stop telling these stories...ever. Love you!