Sunday, May 2, 2010

Flying Pig - Kelts - Scholarship...Busy Weekend!

Flying Pig - Team Jackie

Principal Jonathan, Debbie, Pam, Sharon, Pam, Jackie

Moraine Meadows entered a team in the Flying Pig Marathon in honor of our friend and colleague Jackie. Some did the 5K on Saturday, the rest did the 1/2 on Sunday.
It was UGLY. Got up @ 4:30 a.m. to thunderstorms. When we (me Sharon Deb & Pam) found a parking spot, we waited because there was lightening...waiting for some kind of update that the race might be delayed - to no avail. Waiting in the car, trying to find a radio station with an update, the battery died-giving me the PERFECT excuse to wait out the lightening. I waited for AAA while my three teammates went to the starting line. By the time AAA arrived and put in a new battery, the lightening stopped (but not the rain) and I was ok to go. OK...I'm a wimp. I am VERY fearful of lightening. But I eventually met up with Sharon and basically did a relay. But I crossed the finish line. Don't feel good about not doing the complete 13.1, but I do 13.1 EVERY week. So I'm ok (although I KNOW Fort would have SUCKED IT UP and done it...and I know she was shaking her head calling me a wimp...but SOMEBODY had to wait for AAA and I was the perfect person to do that!)
SO. I didn't REALLY do the 1/2, but I contributed to the cause, and that's what it was all about this time.

KELTS (Women) 15
Dayton 7

There is only ONE thing better than spending time with Nick, Mere, Drew & Max....spending time with JMac and Fort's friends. This is our second family and we LOVE spending a Saturday with them! Unfortunately we missed HAPS this time because we were headed to Cincy to the Flying Pig Expo - had to pick up stuff for the race in the morning! WE LOVE YOU KELTS!

Penalty kick (right?)

Netti & Donny

Fort's friends (Kyra, Bea, Kelli, Netti) & Pam

UC - 0

(I think...somebody correct me if I'm wrong please...)

Hula is not just flexing his muscles for me...he's showing off the bite (on that bicep!)...those youngsters from UC still BITE!

JMac taking a break second half...

Donny was SURE we were seeing a UFO flying over Cincy...fortunately it was only a really cool cloud...

The first Melissa Fortener McLaughlin Scholarship(s) have been awarded. They will be presented on Tuesday to two very deserving applicants - more info to follow.


Netti said...

haha yes that was a penalty kick. Thanks for coming out!

Anonymous said...

10+ of watching rugby and I STILL don't know what I'm talking about...that frustrated Melissa SO much...glad YOU are so understanding! Love you Netti- Pam

Anonymous said...

that's 10+ YEARS....