Monday, August 4, 2008

Oh for the love of Pete - Its been a week and Ive already broken my promise to you all!!!

But I swear, its not because I dont care. I "Fixed" my computer the other day, and by "fixing" it, I mean that I broke it. I tried to download new anti-spam software because I kept getting these pop ups and the old software expired a month ago. Duh...

But I downloaded it, mistakenly put parental controls on it (John LOVED that) and the computer got more screwed up than it ever was. So then Friday I went in and uninstalled a whole bevvy (thats right I said bevvy) of programs to speed things up abit, and also uninstalled the whole friggin anti-virus software so I could wipe out all the parental controls and all that other garbage. Then I was going to put it all back, nice and neat, just like it was

Last week I was a mess. I felt alright for my last sunday blog but, man. This one waited a few days before hitting me like a truck. I can go to work beat up from a rugby game, with a headache, whatever. But I had the worst stomach pains last week, and I could do NOTHING. I was only able to make it into work on Monday and a half day on Wednesday. I was miserable ALL. WEEK. LONG. It was just an awful week.

Im posting this just to get something up but I will also let you know that Mom took me to Esther (The healer in Indy) last night and it was again a very intense experience that I probably wont go into details about, but just so you know, I was there yesterday, and this is the best Ive felt in 10 days.

In other news, I seem to be getting my appetite back, so I anticipate that the 15-20 lbs Ive lost in the last two months will slowly begin to creep back.....During a brief flash of wellness on Friday I busted out my senior prom dress and paraded around the house in it for about 10 minutes, took some self-timer'ed pictures, and then got so exhausted I was couch-ridden for another four hours. I do love that dress. I gave my junior prom dress to Rubi Girls, although I still have yet to see it in action - JOSH!!! :) I will never give this dress up. Its sassy! And you're never too old to dress up.

So thats my crummy recap. Things were really bad last week, now they're getting better (slowly), Im back to work, riding the ol' Metro, and slowly evolving back to my old self again.
Maybe If I fix my computer Ill go into a rant this week about my frustration with prescription drugs. I hate pills. Im sick of getting one Rx that fixes one thing but then gives you another side effect that can only be pacified with, you guessed it, more prescription drugs. Its no wonder the elderly are so stymied with all thier drugs.

I decided mid-week that my best bet was to just focus on staying hydrated and drinking lots of water. That seems to be doing the trick. Just plain ol water.

Ok, so maybe it wasnt a rant. Thats all I wanted to say.


Anonymous said...

mclovin that dress--jami

kj said...

I should be good on coming by tomorrow night to see if I can't fix your computer. I'll have Watts McGimpy Jr. in tow...he gets scoped at 6.30 a.m. tomorrow. That's earlier than I get up for work!

Anonymous said...

Bevy - hot - blonde, red dress, riding the bus, computer issues; I am ready and waiting for those weekly posts. You are in fighting shape and clear headed to take on the drug industry, HMOs, McAffey and whatever else you have in mind.
Hugs from California.

Anonymous said...


I am so glad I decided to check your blog but so sorry to hear about everything you are having to deal with! As always, nothing but love and good thoughts coming your way from Boston! Looks like it's time to bust out some more whoop ass on Cancer...I've got your back:)