Saturday, August 16, 2008

So, Ang didnt know that I shaved my just so you know....I shaved it.

I know cancer is supposed to make me a kinder gentler, less agressive driver, but its not happening. There are still a few times when I feel its ok to run someone off the road, like I did on Thursday. Before I get all riled up, lets acknowledge that these pictures Ive been taking of Drew get cuter and cuter every week. I props were used to make it look like he was reading....he reeeely was! He's so smart!
Ok, those of you Cincy-Daytonians who travel our blessed I-75 on at least a semi-daily basis know that around the West-Chester-Union-Center-Cin-Day roadish area the far left lane merges into the next lane over. THEY GIVE DRIVERS ABOUT A MILE NOTICE....really. Now, I am a law-abiding, butt-kisser who almost ALWAYS (unless Im distracted....Ill be honest), ALWAYS gets over before I hit ground zero.
I blame my stubborn agression on the fifty cars that speed past me, hoping to get to the VERY LAST OPPORTUNITY to merge in and pass all of us who merged when we were told to do so. As each car passes me, Im always temped to roll the window down and hold out my middle finger. Just let it fly in the wind. Just my little way of saying, "F**K You, F**k you, F**k you,"(sorry Jami's mom) ...and so on. But of course I never do it. I dont know why it gets to me so bad. Maybe its my competitive nature. I agreed to lose to these cars when I got over in the correct lane. It was my decision. But its still losing.
So anyway, Im driving to Dayton Thursday night and inevitably it happens. I get over, and what feels like a hundered cars are speeding up the right hand lane, all excited to cause a nasty bottle neck. Good job A-holes!
Im sure my face looked very angry. Im sure my blood pressure was going through the roof. I made the decision to do something, actually, just as unsafe as those last minute merges. I see ground zero approaching, and a white car is riding right along side of me. Im so far up the car in front of me's ass, Im sure he's feeling uncomfortable too. Not exactly safe on my part...
So now, in these last few seconds, Im getting nervous. Pissed and nervous. The car keeps riding along side me, and I AM NOT LETTING THEM MERGE IN FRONT OF ME. At this point, Im even angry that there's PLENTY of space for this car to slow down a bit and merge in behind me. They dont deserve even that for pulling this crap. I bear down. When IS THIS IDIOT GOING TO SLOW DOWN AND MERGE IN BEHIND ME????
And thats when they did it....quickly shifts left AND STARTS DRIVING IN THE CONSTRUCTION ZONE!!! And Im not talking about shifts into the construction zone and slowly stops realizing their mistake....they TAKE OFF!! Dust is flying, now they're about 10 car lengths in front of me, on the other side of the cones. My jaw is dropped. My eyes shift from the car in front of me to the white car who has taken matters into their own hands and is continuing to fly through the construction zone. This goes on for what seemed like two miles....they were driving on the other side of cones, then on the other side of concrete dividers!
After about two miles, I could see an opening where the car could have possibly gotten in without incident, they would have had to wait awhile of course, but I think they just gave up. Any further and they were definitely risking getting in trouble with the law. As I passed the car, they were turning onto SOUTHBOUND 75.
So let this be a lesson to you.....if you pass me en route to merge at the last minute on 75, you better find another car to let you in, or you're gonna be in a whole lotta hurtin!!
WHOA!! All that agression! We need more cute baby pictures STAT!!!!
This did not happen with ease....thirty minutes prior to this shot Drew was throwing a fit! He didnt want to go to bed!! Pam has an effective "Sleeper-Hold" that usually does the trick.
We kept Drew Thursday night and had a little playtime before I took off for chemo, yee haw!

Welcome LUKE HENRY!!!!

JOhn and I headed over to visit Stacy, Casey, Emma & Luke for a little while. Cutie!!!
I know...she's like, In the sixth grade.
Somebody's gonna want this for a scrapbook!!!!

Im getting really tired at the moment but I want to blurt this out before I forget. Has anyone seen the commercials in Ohio about the payday lending law they're trying to pass? I cant even speak of the specifics because I dont know and I dont claim to know.
What pisses me off, is that they have this waspy looking farmer, all concerned....talking about how "If Im strapped for cash and want to borrow the money for a bag of feed, and pay $15 extra dollars for it a week later, that SHOULD BE MY RIGHT!!!"
Ok, what sort of IDIOTS do the people making these commercials think we are? Unless you havent traveled more than 20 miles outside of your home, you know damn well that Payday Lenders arent out there making sure all the FARMERS have enough feed for their livestock. GIVE. ME. A. BREAK.
The farmer (or actor) in that commercial probably would be scared $hitless to go into most neighborhoods that have a Payday lender and a Cricket phone store on every corner. I personally think anyone giving a shovel to someone already in the hole is seriously lacking character. And shame on the people who made these commercials, and the people who can sleep at night who make money off those who are already struggling and have nothing.
Would you believe I actually went to mass tonight? I needed some God with all this anger! I wont go into details but we "tried out" a church tonight and tomorrow Ill be "trying out" another one....a big Hyde Park. Yes, Im going to go where I NEVER thought I would....details to come.


Anonymous said...

Sooo you were all dressed up for church in these pics?? You look really pretty! Luke is adorable and Drew is a cutie pie! Love, jami

Anonymous said...

Fort, your invited to check out our church anytime. It's is very warm and welcoming. I mean heck, we go there. :D Give us a call sometime. Tammy and Philly

Anonymous said...

Just a note...she inherited her road rage from her mother who inherited it from HER father......

Karyn said...

Glad you are feeling better, you look good! And that Drew is so cute and super smart.

KJ said...

Great pics! I'm amazed at that road rage story -- I had to read it twice!

PayDay loans: Our state legislature already passed a law to set the max interest rate at 28%, among other things, for these loans earlier this year that has yet to go in effect. The vote is to repeal the max interest rate part of the law (I think that's all).

Keeping the law in place does NOT ban these loans though one can only assume some of these places will go out of business because they won’t be raking in near 400% interest on each loan (job losses you keep hearing about).

People trying to get me to sign the petition have outright lied to me about what the law does and what we’re voting for. When I called a guy out recently on it he applauded me for being an informed voter and quickly left. Since then I read an article in the DDN about how people are being mislead to sign the petition.

As a conservative I generally don’t want the government meddling in our business and private lives however we’re at the point where we have to help protect people. After all, it hits our wallets in the end when we have to bail these people out. Where do you think the money came from to help all the numnuts who didn’t read their mortgage terms?

At any rate, the wording for the vote is going to be “backwards” from what you might expect. Read your ballot closely so you’re voting the way you really want to vote.

Netti said...

I am so glad I am not the only person who refuses to let those people get in front of you on that 75 merge. But I have never seen the person go into the construction zone. Good work! haha

Anonymous said...

Melissa - love the pics, Drew is adorable - he's lucky to have an Aunt who will keep him well informed. You look terrific, glad to hear you're feeling better. You always hear about crazy CA drivers, but when I've been to St. Louis for conferences I am scared S....less on the highways - those Semis in the fast lane just remind me of the movie Duel - at least we keep them all to the 'right'. Keep on venting and keep that open mind. Give Pam a hug for me.