Monday, August 11, 2008

WHO-HOO!! Great weekend!
Computers still on the fritz though....I think its getting fixed tonight, maybe.

Jean & I heading up to the top of the Zoom Flume at Coney Island. Harry was supposed to photoshop me a left breast and must have forgot before emailing me the pics....Doh!

Gaaaah! My computer still isnt working!! I cant figure it out! I can pull up most home pages, but anything that involves logging in, or clicking on another part of the site and Im screwed. If you've encountered this issue before let me know what you think the problem is. For a SECOND on Friday I was able to log into my yahoo and then *poof!*....I couldnt do it ten minutes later. Ive got a friend who is going to look at it remotely tonight so hopefully things will be better soon.

This was a pretty fantastic weekend. For starters, Im feeling A LOT better, so Friday I went NUTS cleaning the house. For the most part we just watched the Opening Ceremonies, and after the US came through, I went upstairs and started to rearrange the bedroom. This is was done, as you might remember, because we needed to move the bed away from the window so the cat wouldnt be temped to use my face as a landing strip anymore. Our room was pretty messy with clothes everywhere and desperately needing a vaccuum.

It was fun. Its nice to know I still rearrange my room like I did when I was twelve. As a child, I rearranged my bedroom roughly every three weeks. I tell people that growing up, 85% of my brother & I's fights were over the remote control. This is true. What was the other 15% of our fights over? My bedroom rearranging antics. Anytime i would rearrange my room, there was often some piece of furniture that just "didnt fit" anymore. -OR-, it might be that there was a piece of furniture in Nicks room that I wanted for my new arrangement, so I would just take it. Nick would come home, see his room, get pissed, tell on me, mom and dad would tell me to stop putting furniture in Nicks room, and I would try and justify my actions by throwing my hands in the air and explaining that this was a "gift" to nick and that he should be thankful for the new metal shelf I just put in his room, -OR- I would say I took a shelf out of his room that he wasnt using. I was helping him to "Declutter"!!!!! What an ungrateful child he was.

My other "method" of rearranging, was moving furniture before the room was actually clean. I find that rearranging the room when it is still a disaster is probably more difficult to do than when its clean, but it just gives me more motivation to clean it when Im done. In addition to the bedroom, I cleaned both bathrooms THROUGHLY, did multiple loads of dishes and laundry, and even cleaned my car out. After two weeks ago when I was in complete physical and mental lockdown, I just want to make up for all that lost productivity I guess.

Treatment #2 is on Friday so we'll see how that goes. Im praying that I have more energy in the week following and Im not a complete waste of space for six days!!

Oh yeah...something else... Romer said the treatment I picked wouldnt make my hair fall out, and Joni said it would....GUESS WHO WAS RIGHT?? Joni! Thats right, my shiny bald head will reveal itself to the world for the third time sometime this week. I have a pretty thick head of hair and realistically, I could probably wait a month before shaving it, but right now, my scalp burns so bad everytime a TOUCH my head, and the hair is falling out and making a mess all over the house...not to mention Harry's car!

We went to Coney Island with Harry & Jean yesterday and had a blast! Went swimming and hit up some of the rides. It wasnt super hot so the water was pretty chilly but all in all we got good sun. On the way home, Jean & I were in the back seat and when I got out, I noticed my hair had been blowing out of my head and covered his (BLACK!! EEK!) interior under the back window. And I give our cat a hard time.... Heres some pics!

John makes his way down the zoom flume!

EEEEEHH!!!! The water was FREEZING at first, it took awhile to get used to it. The wind didnt help matters!
Its been a while since Ive been on one of these!
We're not moving yet....
The Tilt-a-whirl was moving at this point.....I was talking to my dad at the moment.
J-Mac & Harry conquer the scrambler!
Whoooooo! Jean got this shot when they came right at us! (we were just watching)
They tried to play it cool but they can't hide the excitement....
Jean and I were having a discussion on what we would do with our lottery winnnings (if we, played) and Jean said she wanted her "own Taco Bell"....just where she could go and "make shit whenever" she wanted. The four of us talked about Taco Bell for about 45 minutes, the menu, the best and worst Taco Bells in Cincinnati. (Winton/Galbraith Taco Bell and Ridge Taco Bell are reeeely bad)

Of course we had to go to Taco Bell at the end of the the Anderson. Not bad. They were training a few people, no dining room music, and Jeans cheese wasnt melted the way it should have been. J-Mac ordered his usual - 3 Hard Shell Tacos, 7-layer burrito and two chili cheese burritos. mmmm....Taco Bell.

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