Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Other than my innocent little logos to the right, I promise not to wax political on this blog after this post....but I did find this interesting little nugget today.

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There are so many issues involved with this election, but for me, and millions of other surviors stuck in this crucial phase of treatment, improvements to drugs and the hope for a cure is not something we take lightly.

There are many of you who have been convinced we should fearful and militarily agressive, and sadly, there is no convincing. Thats ok. We've all got our own agendas and thats what makes our country work. But for those of you seeking info on an issue important to me, below is an Excerpt from the full article you can read by clicking on the ribbon to the right.....

(Overall Grades on Breast Cancer Research Support)

John McCainGrade: D

Sen. McCain chose not to participate in the Livestrong Presidential Cancer Forum. He also declined to answer questions from the National Breast Cancer Coalition.In general, McCain believes personal responsibility is the key to controlling chronic diseases like cancer. He recommends education around nutrition and fitness, and believes in smoking cessation programs. He won’t commit to adequate funding for cancer research, and in 2000 was accused of not supporting breast cancer research by voting against a package of funding that included initiatives for breast cancer. McCain claimed the funding package hadn’t been examined thoroughly enough.Most of McCain’s health-policy statements center on personal responsibility, and the individual taking more control of his or her own health. As stated on his Web site, McCain also believes that “insurance reforms should increase the variety and affordability of insurance coverage available to American families by fostering competition and innovation.” In other words, deregulate the insurance industry and get the companies competing with one another to offer lower rates. Much of what I’ve read about McCain and health care focuses on controlling costs, rather than funding research.McCain has failed to express support for the DOD Peer-Reviewed Breast Cancer Research Program; the Medicaid Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program Reauthorization Act of 2007; and the Breast Cancer Environmental Research Act.Personal cancer connection: McCain is a two-time survivor of malignant melanoma.Bottom line: For a fellow who’s had cancer, he seems surprisingly disengaged from it and disinterested in spending taxpayer dollars for its prevention or cure.

Barack ObamaGrade: A

Obama didn’t participate in the Livestrong Presidential Cancer Forum. But he’s managed to get his strong health care message out in other ways, including his signing of the Congressional Cancer Promise in 2006. This “manifesto” from the Cancer Action Network, sister organization to the American Cancer Society, calls for a number of public policy initiatives with an overall goal of “eliminating suffering and death due to cancer by the year 2015.” The Promise notes that “While the 2015 goal is not one that can be reached with certainty… our past commitment to cancer research and programs has poised us to greatly accelerate progress toward a time when people live with cancer rather than die from it.” Surprisingly, Sen. Clinton failed to sign the Promise.According to information from Research!America, a not-for-profit public health education and advocacy alliance (via a blog by Jim Waldenfels on mycancerplace.org), Obama strongly supports “managing chronic illnesses with public and private partnerships, grants to organizations promoting healthy lifestyles, improved school menus and expanded workplace wellness programs. He would require all providers participating in his new public coverage plan to provide chronic disease management programs.” These would include Medicare, Medicaid, and his proposed public health plan, all of which would be required to fully fund mammograms and other cancer screenings.Obama has strongly supported the DOD Peer-Reviewed Breast Cancer Research Program; the Medicaid Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program Reauthorization Act of 2007; and the Breast Cancer Environmental Research Act, of which he is currently a co-sponsor. In answering questions from the NBCC, Obama’s staff writes, “As President, Obama will make ending cancer the top priority it needs to be by increasing funding for the NIH, NCI, and other medical research grants. The fight against cancer is a critically important issue in the lives of millions of Americans. It needs to be a top priority for our government, and it will be under an Obama administration.”Personal cancer connection: Obama’s mother died at age 53 of ovarian cancer.Bottom line: Sen. Obama is an energetic supporter of funding for cancer research and prevention.

OK!!! Off the soapbox!!!!

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Anonymous said...

What no comments - everyone must be watching the DNC. Please do give your opinions. You are an odd duck - 6.9 - most people would be sleeping - not walking!! Sorry, but I bet Hillary scoreded an A too. (It's my age and I'm a woman of that blazing generation :)
Can't tell you how happy I am that you're back and in full Melissa stride. Hugs

Anonymous said...

could you imagine how much progress we could make with cancer research with all that money being spent in Iraq? Its Mindblowing.