Thursday, September 11, 2008

Im trying to bite my tounge....really. I am.

But I cant in good conscience sit around and let random people spout absolute nonsense. Im really involved in this campaign. So passionately involved that I cant even begin to wrap my head around all the issues, but I stand by my candidate and must respect anyone who stands by theirs...

BUT IF I HEAR ONE MORE PERSON SAY THAT "BARACK IS GOING TO RAISE YOUR TAXES". I might scream. I overheard a man on the bus telling the passenger sitting next to hime..."Barack is a con man!!" (Because con men ALWAYS get elected as president of the Harvard Law Review and opt to turn down multi-million dollar job offers to pound the pavement and work on community service - which is apparently a joke to Repubs)

Here it is - PRINT IT OUT -

and when you hear someone spouting off complete LIES about Barack rasing taxes - Hand them this leaflet and let them move on to the issues they really care about - crying "Sexisim" on the "liberal media", whining about journalists DOING THEIR JOB to get information on an unknown candidate, COMPLETELY AVOIDING REAL ISSUES and of course, talking about why Sarah Palin is perfectly acceptable to run our country because "SHE REALLY INVIGORATES THE BASE!" Are these qualifications for potentially running the worlds largest nuclear arsenal? From a person who recently admitted she "Really hadnt thought much about Iraq" ???

While we're on the subject, I think the press has really been unfair on Sarah Palin. Sure underaged pregnancies happen. They happen in all families, and all family are well within their right to deal with those situations however they see fit. But its unfair that no one has pointed out the biggest, saddest aspect of the situation:

WHY, WHY, WHY did this woman think that the American public feel so much more at ease by knowing that the babies father (A self-proclaimed "F**king redneck") was going to marry her daughter. SHES SEVENTEEN FRICKING YEARS OLD!!!!

What I would have liked to hear was, "Our daughter Bristol, is currently pregnant. While we are happy that the father wants to be involved in the pregancy and the babies life, our focus is our daughter, and assuring that the choices she continues to make are going to provide her with the best opportunities for her future. Our family will work together to help her raise this child with the help of its father, as we see Bristol through high school, and should she wish to pursue it, a college education. We want to see that she takes advantage of all the opportunities given to young women, and, when she feels she has achieved everything she could possibly want to achieve, we would be thrilled if she would want to take the plunge and become Mrs. F**king Redneck."

THATS WHAT I WANT TO HEAR. Dont preach to me about the "Glass Ceiling" and in the SAME BREATH yank the womens movement by the ponytail back to the 1950's. Many young women dont have the opportunities that Bristol Palin has - shame on her family for not ONCE mentioning an education.

Im ok with people getting married young. They did it alot in the past and it still happens today. But young is NINETEEN, TWENTY!!! Come on people!! Seventeen? She is just a child!

Our country doesnt think she's old enough to choose the leader for the next four years, but she's well within her rights to make a LIFETIME commitment like that?

Oh geesh.....Talk me down KJ....I know you want to!!

ha ha.

Really, Im really sorry about this outburst....I know many of you read this blog NOT to hear my political views, but this blog is pointless if I cant every once in a while vent about something I feel so passionately about.

Ill try to keep my mouth shut in the future. Really. I just gotta get it out every once in a while. I even mentioned to John just going and getting hypnosis to NOT think about the election for the next few months.


Lola said...

I am totally with you on this one Fort!.

I feel its an insult to the intelligence of the American people. That they are gullible enough to believe blatant lies just because they like the new gal from Alaska.

I'm sorry but being a heartbeat away from being president is a little tooo close for someone with NADA foreign policy experience and who runs a state with a population smaller than most of the major cities in the country!

I just got back from 3 months living outside the US and the rest of the world is watching in horror and disbelief!

Karyn said...

I 100% agree with you girl, and I am usually the one biting my I say KUDOS to you for speaking what you feel!!!

Anonymous said...

I'll be excited when this election is over so you can begin to relax again...

Anonymous said...

I'm suprised that you are so supportive of someone that is pro-choice which includes partial-birth abortion. And as far as Palin, I have 3 daughters that are now all older than 21 - I remember those teenage years. Sometimes you have to let your kids make their own decisions even when you know they are wrong. Moms have to be supportive and then be there to pick up the pieces when things fall apart. When you were that age - could your mom ever change your mind when you were determined to do something?

Anonymous said...

I love your outbursts. And its your blog, you can post whatever you want - people don't have to read if they don't want to.
You go girl!


FORT said...

First of all the statement "Pro- Choice which includes partial birth abortion" is not really accurate is it?

The Supreme Court has upheld the partial birth abortion ban as of
2007 from what I can see (,
So people who are pro-choice, are actually "Pro-choice which does NOT include partial birth abortion since it is illegal"

Belive it or not? I am anti-abortion but pro-choice. I dont think its right, and like Sarah Palin, I too, made the decision to keep a pregnancy aganst suggestions of some drs. (You posted anonymously so I dont know if you know that when I was first diagnosed, I was three months pregant. I had more than one doctor say that "Nobody would blame me" if I wanted to terminate the pregancy since I had so much on my plate and was facing a tough fight of chemotherapy)

I went to church, prayed with a priest, and walked out knowing I was able to do this. I wanted to keep the child and just couldnt even think about having an abortion.

If you ever wondered why I wear a prosthesis and didnt get full reconstruction at the time of the surgery, its because I was not quite into my 2nd trimester when I could safely have chemotherapy, so the doc shuffled the treatments and I ended up getting a mastectomy first - BUT NO RECONSTRUCTION, because I would need to start chemo soon after, and reconstruction would have meant a much longer recovery time, and I had a small window to get that taken care of and get healed before taking the chemo.

As you may or may not know, we lost our son, John Patrick when i was seven months. I went into pre-term labor because of a cervix issue (not chemo related) and we had a funeral for him just before I started radiation.

I dont think abortion is right - and I have had friends terminate pregancies right under my nose and I have tried to talk them out of it and they still do it. This they do knowing that I cannot have children.

Did George Sr or George Jr. overturn Roe v Wade? No. Is John McCain going to overturn it? No. But you still keep voting for those conservatives because they're on "Gods Side" on this issue.

You'll vote for a politican that will cut funding on single mothers who decided to keep their baby, and seriously doubt you've ever considered adoption or fostering these unwanted children, have you?

Drugs are Illegal. Do people still do drugs?

Of course they do, and its an even worse situation than if it were legal and controlled, because bad people make BIG MONEY off the weakness of others. It creates crime, and its a horrible situation.

If abortion were banned, do you think people would stop having abortions?

Of course not - young women would turn to evil people performing even more dangerous procedures, they would try to drink alcohol to kill the baby, maybe go back the old school use of hangars to abort the child. Our country has already experienced this-which may be why RvW is upheld.

Making abortion illegal WILL NOT STOP ABORTIONS.

Its an issue that communities and churches together should be working on to not only -and I know you cons just HATE THIS - PROMOTE SAFE SEX....Heavily encourage adoption.....make these girls know they have a better choice to make.

THIS is what will curb abortion, not overturning the law. Its a matter of how strongly you feel about abortion and how you translate that into work or volunteering to help change the minds of young women.

Are you willing to work towards that goal, or are you simply satisfied with giving your vote to an anti-abortion candidate who you know wont change anything, sit back, and say, "Ive done all I could."

That, my friends, is what is horrifying about the anti-abortion issue. Do you really think for a cottin-pickin minute that abortion is what McCain is going to focus on? Thats the reason why so many of "the Base" werent really supporting him in the first place!

Palin was chosen because McCain actually has more liberal views on this, and he knew he could dangle her out there in front of all the more Christian conservative voters and they would bite it hook line & sinker. And they have!!

I would rather have a Democrat in office who is going to financially support programs that help young mothers, promote adoption and fostering programs, encourage SEX ED (obviously absinince programs DO NOT WORK) give out condoms if they have to.

If I was holding a condom in my hand and gave you the option of

A) Giving it to high school student and encouraging them to use it if they had sex


B) Keeping the condom and my words to my self, but nine months later, giving you the child to raise, that a 15 year old just gave birth to.

Why do I think everyone would be ok with letting the young man take the condom?

Again, I am against abortion. I think its wrong, and I think its sad that any woman would ever feel like that was their only option.
This is work that we as a community and a nation need to do "on the front end" to make sure they dont feel like this is the right thing to do.

And as for letting kids make their own decisions, do you REALLY....I mean REALLY think that Bristol and this high school kid REALLY want to get married? REALLY??

Here is the offical statement of the family:

"Bristol and the young man she will marry are going to realize very quickly the difficulties of raising a child, which is why they will have the love and support of our entire family. We ask the media to respect our daughter and Levi’s privacy as has always been the tradition of children of candidates."

Bristol and the young man SHE WILL MARRY? Doesn't really sound like young Bristol ever had a choice.

FORT said...

This is a touchy issue, but I will also add that I would support those who made those decisions because the health of the mother was in danger or the child had serious problems. I wont get into what I feel is a "serious problem" becauase more can be debated - some think Downs would be a serious problem, others would not....thats not my decision to make.

Its too heavy an issue - but with all the things going on in this country, I just think we need to make a big CHANGE and fix and make better the things we can.

Aileen said...

I used to have this guy as a link on my blog. He is a hippy or so he says. I think it's total BS. Anyway , he's been on this bashing Obama kick for months now and he makes me sick. Check out his site and see how long you can stomach it.

Patrick said...

Fort, I love that post.

We dems, and any other person with a brain in this country, need to get ANGRY. We need to get mad and start fighting for this election like we're fighting for our fucking country because WE ARE FIGHTING FOR OUR LIVELIHOOD!

McCain says he doesn't like lobbyists, he has 139 of them on his campaign staff (including oil lobbyists that crafted his energy policy).

Palin says she doesn't support government earmarks, but, while mayor of Wasilla, acquired federal money (our tax dollars), more than 27 million dollars, for her town of less than 10,000.

McCain/MILF '08 - thanks, but no thanks.
hey want to use our money to kill civilians and put our troops in harm's way for unjustified reasons. They want to use our money to give subsidies to Big Oil and Big Pharm and industrial egg factories with beakless chickens.

I want to give our money to scientists and doctors. We spend $100 MILLION A DAY IN IRAQ! Imagine if we spent $100 MILLION a day on Cancer or Aids research. What if we sent $2 million dollars to every state, every day for education? How bout we build some new roads and infrastructure and employ some Americans?

How about we elect the person that selected a running mate based on his ability to govern, rather than the one who selected a running mate based on if he could win an election.


Anonymous said...

There are some really great comments here:

My personal favorite:
"The cruel irony of Senator Clinton blooding herself on that glass ceiling only to have a puppet escorted through on the arm of a warrior..."
Get out and vote.
Kay J., 57, NYC

Tony B said...

Well, at least the girl had a choice. I think it's great that people are cheering this girl on for CHOOSING to keep the baby, but W/O Roe V. Wade she'd HAVE to have it no matter what the circumstance.

Susie Q said...

I loved your response to *anon*. God love ya for it. I too am anti abortion but very PRO choice. Isn't it wonderful that Bristol Palin HAD her choice but has a Mom who would deny that right to others?
SP scares me to death...
My hates off to you for speakinbg your mind. On my blog, I posted a fun video about *Michael* Palin (Monthy Python fame) for VP and I got a bunch of nasty emails. I was immediately labeled as UN American, UNChristian and a Communist! These sort of folks scare me to death! And, of course, they were huge McCain/Palin supporters. Let me know that straight away.

Your Mom had sent me *In a forward*
the Obama tax facts and I have sent it on to many others.

People MUST stand up and vote. We MUST do what is right for this country and it is time for Obama.

I hope your power is back now. I thought about yor M & D and Sharon T's daughter. They all live near my brother and sis in law who are still without power. It was an awful atorm and I have lived through a few Hurricanes! But that sort of wind in Ohio is unheard of.
Our power came back on by last night ...I do not take that for granted!

Obama '08


Jill said...

a) Found your blog :-)

b) You statement about what you wished the Palin family statement would have be Re Bristol's pregnancy prodded me to comment.

I find it ironic that I can watch Sarah Palin in an interview/media, etc and say what I WISH she would say. Not only did I experience this with the Bristol statement, but also in the Charles Gibson interview-especially on this statement. Here's the transcript:

GIBSON: Is it sexist for people to ask how can somebody manage a family of seven and the vice presidency? Is that a sexist question to ask?

PALIN: I don't know. I'm lucky to have been brought up in a family where gender has never been an issue. I'm a product of Title 9, also, where we had equality in schools that was just being ushered in with sports and with equal opportunity for education, all of my life.

I'm part of that generation, where that question is kind of irrelevant, because it's accepted. Of course you can be the vice president and you can raise a family.

I'm the governor and I'm raising a family. I've been a mayor and have raised a family. I've owned a business and we've raised a family.

What people have asked me when I was -- when I learned I was pregnant, "Gosh, how are you going to be the governor and have a baby in office, too," and I replied back then, as I would today, "I'll do it the same way the other governors have done it when they've either had baby in office or raised a family." Granted, they're men, but do it the same way that they do it.

All I really wanted her to say is:
You know, as the nominee, I knew the media would come at me with some hard questions. And the fact is, is that it's been asked. I can say that a life in politics has had its difficult moments in my family but I can't say we wouldn't have had those same difficult moments if I had chosen another career. I don't think you'll meet a mother or father out there who hasn't struggled with juggling their career and family, or the things that life throws at them. There will be times when it will be tough, just as it has been, but I have a very supportive family-husband and children and together, I know we can make it work.

I'm all about being an idealist, but I think we all know that being from a lucky family and a part of the Title IX generation doesn't really solve the problem or answer the question.

Marisa said...

I love you...Seriously I love you...I'm printing it...putting it in my purse, and shoving it in the face of the next person who says anything about taxes to me.

I really can't get my head around these pro lifers who support a party who kills hundreds of thousands of people in the name of bringing peace and stability to a region. Not to mention a party who supports the death penalty. Ugh...will it ever make sense to these people...

I'm pro choice not pro abortion...NO ONE is pro abortion. But, please explain to me how anything good can come out of a 12 year old girl carrying and giving birth to a her father's child?
Don't stop saying what you's so refreshing.

PS Is Drew cute enough? And are you obsessed enough? ;)