Sunday, September 7, 2008

While this picture is out of order, its definitely the cutest of the four thousand pics I took this weekend of Drew, so its gettin' top billing.

Since we were going to the OSU-Ohio game on Saturday, we only wanted to have one car in Dayton for the weekend so John dropped me off in Middletown Thursday night and mom picked me up and took me to her sand volleyball game at JD Legends in S-boro. Pretty cool place. They needed sub, and while I probably shouldnt be playing sand volleyball, I went ahead and stood in - I really didnt do much, but when we left, my hips were bothering me. Sensitive hips just walking on sand probably wasnt a good idea. The next day, I picked up a refill of some of the pain killers I was taking before and things are A-OK!!

I was a little miffed that I didnt get my Benadryl coma Friday that Joni usually gives me, because I was treated to a real nugget of a cancer patient who sat next to me. I took this huge blankie mom has at the house - its soooo soft, and I kick my flip-flops off, lean the chair back all the way, and tuck myself into a little papoose to fall asleep. I was almost there, when I heard the rustling.

Imagine a bag of Doritos that has been manufactured so that NO ONE can open it. Now throw it in front of a raccoon. What do you hear? Endless rustling of the foil bag.....going on....and on...and on....and on... This is how I woke up from what would have been a nice little slumber.

I was "warned" by another patient that we would be visited by this woman who openly calls Joni the "Grim Reaper" to her face. She also proclaimed, "Its in my bones! Its not going to work, its a waste of time"....Thats always awesome to hear at chemo. And I probably should have used the excamation points because I think she forgot to put her teeth in, so anything she says really doesnt sound that enthusiastic. She bitched about how long she had to wait, she tapped her foot loudly as Joni rushed around taking care of all of her patients. Ive had my experience at MANY different docs and H.O.D. is one of the best. Plus, I have a feeling this woman didnt have a whole lot going on in her Franklin planner for the rest of the day. What she needed was a full-on, Ellen Griswold meets Aunt Edna "SIT DOWN......AND SHUT UP!!!!"

Joni was a SAINT through it all, and I think we all just sort of quietly kept our annoyance to ourselves, and I really hope that everyone left thinking the same thing I was - How sad is it that there are grown adults who talk to people like that - Angry, condescending, insulting, filter-free rants to try and bring someone else down. She shrugged off that any of her treatments were going to work in front of everyone struggling so hard to stay positive. What sort of upbringing must a person have to behave this way? Now, she also sounded pretty drugged up so it may have been the painkillers talking, but its just sad that someone can be so nasty to someones face - especially someone who is just doing their job and trying to help.

Anyhoo, once treatment was over, we had a special LUNCH GUEST with us!!! Drew joined us at Mimis Cafe at the Greene and brought ten pounds of cute in a five pound bag:

John came up after work and we crashed at mom and dads for a busy Saturday. Actually, John crashed, and my dumb ass bought these caffienated mints and took them around 8p ON TOP of the pain killers for my hips. Now, I cant drink coffee after NOON or else Ill be up all night, so why did I do this?? I was like those patients in the hospital who's bodies are numb but they're still with it mentally. I layed on the couch, very comfortably physically, but COULD NOT FALL ASLEEP. TOTALLY MY FAULT. I think I woke up with maybe 2 late hours of z's. Im such an idiot.

We met up with David & Alisa in Springfield and rode to C-bus with them. The guys were kind enough to drop us off at Hiney Gate, park the car fourteen miles away, and walk back. Awwww....
Yay! Self portrait!
HineyGate: Sort of sounds like a presidental scandal. A OSU lovin' band played, while four thousand people in red shirts played bumper cars while drinking at 10am. GO BOBCATS!
The Holiday Inn in the background always lets fans express themselves. For those of you who dont know, Ohio State CANNOT have ANYTHING that says "Ohio" on it, because Ohio University has the word "Ohio" trademarked. Take a look around next time you're with OSU Fans. No red shirts that say just "Ohio". (a la Donnie Baker: "State Law") The ONLY exception that I have ever seen was on Saturday Night Live when Will Farrell played a frat guy and they had this made up red sweatshirt that said "OHIO" in those fuzzy varsity letters. BIG NO NO!!! Theres a really funny clip out there ( I couldnt find it on youtube) where Matt Lauer (an Ohio University Grad) talks about the issue and makes some comment that he really "Has no opinion on the matter" and then sips coffee from an OU mug. Classic!!! This sign is kind of a jab at that whole saga:
All contingencies were represented well on the hotel windows, Bucks fans, Bobcat fans, and of course, Boob fans:
The pilgrimmage to visit St. Tressel begins.....
Hey Look! Its Randy! I was happy to run into someone I knew...although......Randy. Whats up with the shirt???? REPRESENT!
Good view!
Um, although.....knee space was valuable real estate. We were the last two to scoot in to the seats before the game started, and the guy in front of John turned around and offered his hand to shake for introductions. John replied, "Im John.....Ill be your date for this afternoon":
>insert choir of angels singing here< "The ticket!!!" With the ease of a 180-degree turn, we had an excellent view of the scorebord/jumbotron.
Bucks bands theme - Top Gun!! I was so excited....I got my camera out because i was POSITIVE they were going to pull off a fly-over at some point....and they didnt.
We came right home after the game was over - no after parties - DREW WAS AT MOM AND DADS! (they were sitting bc nick and mere were at his 10 year reunion. Can you belive that??)
And so began the Saturday Night - Sunday all out paparazi attack on the kid:
Pffffffhhhhttt.......Zerberts all around! (anybody else call them that?)

At this point in the game, its anyones guess as to who's slobber is all over his shirt..mine or his...he looks taxed, doesnt he?
Later that night, John and I headed up to the Italian fest. I was really tired, but Ive got a Handicapped placard now that was pretty much the dealbreaker. I didnt have to walk a mile to get there so we headed out. Good times. Of course I forgot my camera - but Johnny C says he's going to email me some pics so maybe Ill get those posted this week. Great time - everyone is walking around with bottles of wine, drinking straight from the bottle. (is that how Italians socially drink? Right from the bottle? Why do I think the Americans have bastardized another social event?)
By the time I woke up Saturday, Drew was already down for his first nap:

So, ok! Thats it! Everyone have a great week!

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Anonymous said...

I was LMAO about the raccoon with the dorito bag...Drew is soooo cute. I hope you got Randy's number for Stacy! The game looked sad we missed such an awesome time! J