Monday, September 15, 2008

Reunited and it feels soooo good!!!!
Four members of the 2001 Ohio Womens Rugby U-23 select side reunited at the Cincy vs Dayton womens rugby match this weekend - Grubb, Sam, Me & KJ. In 2001 we traveled to Rockford Ill and, heck, I cant even remember how we did. If KJ still doesnt hate me for my liberal outburst last week, Im sure she'll post our accomplishments. Dang, we're old! SMITTY, eat your heart out! A bunch of thirty year olds!!! (ok, KJ's not there yet...)

Oh and PS - My first instinct is always to apologize for every daggone thing that comes out of my mouth (KJ hit her head getting into Grubbs car Sat....and I apologized) ???? I am NOT, I repeat NOT apologizing for my last post. I hope that some of you on the fence will see the light!!

Congrats Cincy Ladies on a big win over Dayton....
Always a supportive high-five tunnel after the mens match....

Ok, this was weird. Oscar shows up with this hat that looks just like the ones the American atheletes were wearing at the Olympic opening ceremonies.....Pauly was wearing it during the game:
We go home after the game en route to Haps and we've got a envelope in the mail with a catalog from the company John bought the Chili Cook off trophies from last year, and guess whats in it? A sample FAKE GOLD MEDAL!!! Im like, "YOU HAVE GOT TO TAKE THAT FOR OSCAR!"

We presented it to him at Haps and he proudly wore it, and even told people about his "event"...

I wasnt paying too much attention during the game but I keep hearing people calling this guy from Lexington "Chachi".....

It wasnt till the party that I realized this guy is a dead-ringer for Scott Baio!!!! (and no, he did not know I was taking his pic...stalker!!)
We all left Haps to head over to Mazor's reception - Congrats to Mazor and Beth!!
Dane is so perfect.

We were all loving the fall theme on the tables....especially J-mac who gorged on a caramel apple!
The hairless contingency of the Kelts.....The Scott, Brandon, Me, John....
The ladies! Me, Jess, Kyra, Patty & Amy
The fake fall leaves added to the table flavor, and it wasnt long before Hula started quietly placing leaves all over an unknowing Funhater. Poor Funhater.

Look at the hotties!

And Mazor with all his ladies!
Sunday I met mom in Middletown for lunch and to take Drew to get his picture taken. Needless to say he was a photographers dream....smiled on cue, looked all adorable....wait till these pictures come in. Ill post them. You know I will.

If you're not in the Midwest....Louiville up to Columbus (including Cincy and Dayton) got SLAMMED by 76 mile an hour winds in some parts after Ike visited us yesterday. Nobody was expecting what we got. The weather man said that we were going to get some Ike related rains around 3p....but apparently what happened was that we didnt have the cloud coverage or rain, so the heat from the ground pulled the winds down from the upper air (I dont know what the hell Im talking about) down and caused a TON of damage.
They say 74 MH winds are a category 1 hurricane, although those are sustained winds and ours were just gusts, but STILL!! Hurricaine winds in the midwest! Unbelieveable! Mom took a lot of pictures but their power (and ours) has been out since yesterday afternoon and they're saying some parts will be out for a WEEK!! (Duke Energy is short staffed because they sent crews down to Texas dangit!) Ill post her pics when I get them.
As soon as I got onto 75 south after having lunch with mom, traffic stopped....big pieces of plywood had blown onto the highway and I showed up just as state troopers were cleaning it up.
This was Winton Road just north of Winton Woods as I was heading home.

Our neighbors backyard:
Then, when the winds finally died down, I sat in my car and listened to the radio for updates in the rain (although all that was on was sports talk, and people crying and depressed about the Bengals more than they were about not having power)
More pics as they come! Hope everyone is safe and your power comes back on SOON!!


Lola said...

Wow. Great to see everyone again. Time does fly by so quickly!

The weather has been pretty unbelievable the last few days.

Stay safe!

Anonymous said...

Melissa - my computer has been down again but I'm back. Just read the last three posts. Please keep up the passionate opinions - no matter the subject. (I'm with you all the way on this one) I want the interest to continue - and not just during the next two months. Also, where did you get your cute little black dress? Love all the pics and love your family and friends. Cousin Sue

Anonymous said...

Ok - I must have had too much California white wine last night. That's not a black dress :) Please don't dismiss me. Hugs, Sue

Netti said...

What you missed was Pauly wearing the white hat with my white sunglasses...he looked pretty cute.

kj said...

I believe the year we all played select side together was the first year we actually won a match at LAUs. But I'm pretty sure we only won one. I'll have to ask Grubb.

As for the political rants, you are free to post them and I am free to gloss over them as I have been. I'm just tired of it -- both republican and democrats. I don’t even read the links my brother sends me anymore.

Going all the way back to your first post about McCain not attending the cancer forum -- I was able to find facts that disputed what you posted (he did not attend in 2007; he attended the Presidential Town Hall on Cancer in 2008 hosted by LIVESTRONG. Obama did not. And an important detail missing as well: McCain voted against the Breast Cancer bill because of the mass amount of earmarks attached to it -- he is staunchly opposed to earmarks so this should not be a surprise).

Your post last week about Obama raising taxes: YES, HE IS GOING TO RAISE TAXES, that's why people are saying it. It happens that the taxes probably won't affect anyone reading this blog though (most raises are for couples making $250K+).

Fort, you are the one who told me it’s all spin. You blame the Republicans but the Democrats are just as bad – they are all politicians and they all do the same thing!

You’re never going to convince me that big government, taxes and lots of social programs are a good thing; that abortion is ok; or that capitalism is a bad thing. I am a happy conservative and gladly vote that way without a single care about what the rest of the world thinks.

It’s your blog -- keep on posting with no apologies! There are plenty of people reading that enjoy it. And I’ll keep on skimming past the political stuff that I just don’t care about anymore :)