Thursday, September 4, 2008

Washed all my scarves - not a bad selection for the upcoming fall season!
Thanks Jean for supplying probably half of these...the other half Ive had since the last time my hair fell out. Some of them are new and crisp (read:hard!) - I washed them to soften them up a bit and tried to display them so I can find them a little easer in the morning, but I dont doubt 95% of them will get the shaft for the same 3-4 I usually wear....

Oh latest favorite purchase - A sun-catcher from the craft show at the Holiday at Home craft show at Lincoln park. I love this! I think Sun catchers might become my new favorite thing. Lord knows I got enough window for more. I would like to learn how to make these though. hmmmm....PROJECT!!!!

If I hear the word "Maverick" or "Reformer" again Im gonna yak. I get the point, can we just pick new words to repeat over and over?

Here are some suggestions from :

Main Entry:
Part of Speech:
bohemian, dissenter, loner, nonconformist, stray, unbranded

Im not saying this isnt a free country but Im just suggesting new words. I like "Bohemian". We flip news channels a lot and its driving us bat-shit crazy.

Thats all Im saying.


KJ said...

Bohemian gets my vote too. Somehow it doesn't quite have the same ring as maverick though... Of course when I hear maverick all I can think of is Top Gun!

fort said...

and then you start thinking about Goose, and Viper, and Merlin, and oh....Ice Man.....

then nothing gets done all day.

Misti said...

But you just made me think of Palin playing beach volleyball and I am right back to nausea.