Sunday, October 31, 2010

Busy October

Another dream...Haven't had a dream about Melissa since we were in Charleston, S.C. this summer. I didn't see or hear her in this dream, but I KNOW it was about her. I was at a state park - had driven to a small parking lot in the park. I think just to be by myself. I turned off the car and was just sitting there, and the car started moving. I said "MELISSA, STOP IT." Then it started rolling. I tried starting the car - honking the horn (that didnt' work), even got out of the car and started yelling for help. Of course my voice wasn't I got back in the car. It kept rolling - turning corners, and finally rolling into what I think was like a hall or arena of some kind. When I ended up there, I was in a WAGON. (yep, a kids wagon!) and it rolled on it's own too. Where I ended up there were tons of OUR friends AND Melissa's friends (I remember Stacy being there!)....when I told Donny when I woke up - he said "that's a VERY symbolic dream .... I guess she was trying to tell me something? At any rate - I know it was her. For some reason, she's just not SHOWING herself to me. How I would LOVE that.

Happy Halloween

It was a beautiful night for trick or treaters...we probably had 100-125!

Drew was a fireman...just like his GREAT GREAT Grandpa Andy!

Max was a puppy for Halloween...a CUTE puppy if I do say so myself...

Happy 50th Birthday Sue!
A few year's ago Melissa made a poster for Sue. It was Maya Angelou's poem
PHENOMENAL WOMAN. She did it in her beautiful "scrapbook" handwriting. Not sure if she gave it to her for her birthday, or Christmas, or just because.
Sue let us put it out at the funeral. We've had it ever since. She never asked for it, but I knew I needed to get it back to her. We BOTH love anything Melissa gave us. So I decided to wrap it up and give it back to her (from Melissa) for her 50th birthday.
As I was writing in her card, "you KNOW Melissa will be there today"...the puzzle went off (you know, the puzzle that goes off whenever she wants us to know she's around!)... (it went off again this morning when Nick was talking about some hokey scarey Halloween movie he and Mere watched last night...he said something about Fort and it went off again...)
* * * * * *

Melissa's Godmother, my sister Sue, turned 50 Oct. 30. I know Melissa would want everyone to know her Aunt Sue is 50!

SISTERS... Pam(middle), Sue (baby), Donna (guess)
All three of us put on our "readers" when we got our menus. SOMEONE thought it was funny....

Sue & Dad

Donny, Sue, Pam

Donna, Sue, Dwayne

Sue, Mike, Janice

Nick, Mere, Drew, Max & Sue

Drew helps Aunt Sue blow out the candles...

No longe "the red house" on the street...hope you can find us....
BEFORE. Too many shades of red. Need to clean it up a bit....

AFTER. Nice. Clean. I like it, but the "red house" had character (5 shades of red gave it character, I guess). I'm pretty sure Fort would like it. Now trees get trimmed this week. It's ALWAYS something.

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The siding turned out great!