Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Angie!

(NOTE: Angie is next to the sign - Fort is on the far left..this was Angie's birthday in 2008)

Tried to find a photo of you and Fort...found LOTS on your FB page, but wouldn't let me copy! Happy Birthday from all of us...INCLUDING FORT. We love you!

October is a busy month. BESIDES starting out with Angie's's BREAST CANCER AWARENESS Month....GET YOUR MAMMOGRAM!
Sharon & Karyn are doing the 3 day walk this year - it's in two weeks in Atlanta.
They are still raising $$ for the walk - BIG fundraiser tomorrow - Tailgate w/Yayas for Tatas @ Talegator's. $10 includes a buffet lunch from one hour before the OSU game until halftime. Also pink beads and a pink cup that can be refilled for $1. 50/50 raffles and other raffles. If you are IN town - stop by. A beautiful day for a fundraiser for a GREAT cause, food and football.
Trying to get in touch with Lifetime TV to find out when the video we sent will be aired.
If I can find out, I'll post here and on FB.
October is also Fort's favorite month AND JP's birthday. He would have been 7 on Oct. 19
Hard to believe....

LOTS of cards with Fort's blog have been passed out in the last month or so - if this is your first time reading the blog - PLEASE make sure to go to the archives (scroll down the right side of this blog. Her last post was Dec 2008...Anything BEFORE that is HER writing - and that is what you NEED to read. I have updated for the last year and a half, but you need to read HER writing. She is inspiring AND funny. You'll enjoy it.

Thanks for reading, and GO FIREBIRDS (they play Centerville tonight)It will be a tough game.

Love you Fort.

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