Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Post in Pics...

It's been a busy month. TOO busy for me. Got to start slowing down...the holidays will take care of that for me.
BEFORE it slows down - there's a couple of really important things going on -

7th Annual "Trying for a Cure" Fundraiser
to benefit The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
and The Melissa "Fort" McLaughlin Scholarship Fund
Second Prize - $200
(3) Third Prize: $100
Drawing held Saturday 10/23/10 @10pm @ Hap's Irish Pub
Donation 1/$5.00 or 3/$10.00. Need not be present to win.

I have 100 tickets to sell. Call me or email me if you're interested!
Sharon & Karyn will be doing the 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk in Atlanta that weekend.
They are having a garage sale at Karyn's on Culver Avenue in Kettering (if you are in
town) this Friday, October 15.
Thank you to the Fairmont High School Octagon Club - they have been selling the pink FORT bracelets at Fairmont - 300 to date! - (I love the fact that she is STILL roaming the halls of Fairmont!)
Tuesday, October 19 is JP's birthday. He would have been seven. I know Melissa will
make sure he has a great birthday in heaven....HAPPY BIRTHDAY JP - Pamma loves you!


Found ANOTHER poem of Fort's in my closet last night. This was still mounted on tagboard - the OFFICIAL ENTRY FORM for the National PTA Reflections Program. Don't know if she won anything for this, but we kept it. Kept everything. So glad I did...
(she had the "LEAD" in the 4th or 5th grade musical-had to sing a solo - Listen and Learn and Try...I cried. She had a good voice then too...)
I had to practice for the play,
I studied my lines all night and all day.
I had the most important part,
I had to know the lines by heart.
The show for school was not so bad,
"Don't worry about the next one" said my dad.
The play for the parents was very hard,
I thought I deserved a Christmas card.
And before I knew it, the play was over,
I felt like I found a four leaf clover.
The End
(she would hate me for posting this - but you can bet she'd be laughing at this one!)

Fort was very creative, but betcha didn't know she could DRAW too...neither did I. Found this in my closet (along with the Christmas Play poem) last night. It's one of the first thing art teachers make you draw...YOUR OWN HANDS. I love it. We continue to find little treasures she left behind....

Fort's friend (and former rugby coach) Jen (MARATHON Jen) stopped by to see me at school the other day and surprised me with butterflies! The kids love them (ME TOO!)

Went to another Franz party - this was for Emily's son Evan. It was at a great park in Bellbrook - playground AND a little creek running by - PERFECT for one and two year olds...
Pop Pop keeping Max out of the water (he was the first and ONLY one IN the water)...Max is Mr. NO FEAR. Kind of like Fort was. Not afraid of ANYTHING - and he can "DO IT HIMSELF"...anything, that is...

Look at this great skipping rock, Pamma! (uh, yeah...and I bet you found poison ivy in there too Max!)

Drew spending the night at Pamma's...AFTER a date to the football game! Got his food, drink all ready to watch Monsters Inc. (his new favorite movie)

Drew at his FIRST high school football game...and they ALREADY have his name UP! (Actually is cousin Josh Fortener)

Drew, Luke (from the Franz clan) & Fort's cousin Ryan (practicing his kicks)for the Carroll Patriots

Drew models his FORT shirt...LOTS more available - $15 each - proceeds to the Melissa Fortener McLaughlin Scholarship Fund...CALL ME!

fun at Pamma and PopPop's...EXERCISE with PopPop!

nothing better...reading at Pamma's!

Pamma....DON'T interrupt my reading please....

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KJ said...

I need to get some tickets for you because I'm not sure that I'm going to make it down to the fundraiser. Sad.