Thursday, December 18, 2008

Last night at hospice.

My last entry before they ship me off tomorrow back to mom and Dad's for this next phase of my my life. Here are some possibilities -

Run over to Romers for some blood work? CBC tests? tumor marker tests? Forgot. Cant do that, going home in a ambulance.

Need a throurough oxygen % test, maybe? Mom & Dad are both sleeping on either side of me in their recliner cots, Im still kind of wired, as could be figured, Rachel Maddow is talking about Dick Cheney torturing here and there, my sinuses are acting up....its like its five months ago!

I dont even know exactly when Im going to be getting out of here.

Sounds likes Ill be going home in an ambulance so that will make for an interesting morning. Maybe Ill have them stop by them stop by the donut man & visit some of my regulars. That might be asking a little too much, though.

So Ill probably be a nervous wreck all nite and then some, and who KNOWS how crazy the next week will be....I gotta get my ducks in a row and figure out what tests I need to get taken...yikes.

Just another reminder, I am still HORRIBLE at getting back with my voicemails (I still have TWENTY -FIVE new messages unread in my cell phone so if you are still desperately trying to get ahold of me, please TEXT ME ANYTHING URGENT THAT I MIGHT HAVE MISSED!!!



Ill definitely have an update tomorrow afternoon as well!!

Everyone have a great Friday!!


Karyn said...

Good luck with the move tomorrow...I do want to come and see you but will give you a few days to let you get settled...remember I am right down the street, so it you guys need anything, just holla at me!!

Love Ya

The GladGirl said...

Your watching Maddow too?!!
I swear you and I must have been friends for a long time.

Don't let the whole ambulance get you too worked up.
(95.5%) Those drivers are the coolest and they will LOVE you! If you get Travis on your transport team he will make your day.
Cut up with them and they'll be a blast. They're all fun. Well, there is that ONE guy....just kidding.

Our Coming Home team is the bomb too!
They'll take good care of your whole fam.
(and if you have any trouble I know a guy in Jersey who for 20 bucks will....well, you know.) haahaa

We'll miss you girly! You're one of those special lights that us moths are drawn to.
Can I print some of your future posts to keep the girls updated?

Fort said...

Glad Girl - absolutely you can forward or pass along or do what ever you want with my updated blogs. Just let me know if you have any troubles with getting into that older version. The invite should have went out last night.
love, Fort

angelsamoungus said...

Good luck today. I guess you will have a grand ride in all the pouring rain and all.

Hope you get a nice driver also. Heh- maybe he/she will stop for donuts :)

Take care,

Netti said...

Good luck with the move today! Don't get too worked up about everything.

Brew said...

Good Luck today!! Everything is going to be just fine.. FO SHO!! :)

SurlyTammy said...

Fort, have a great ride today. I would seriously ask for the donuts and for them to run the siren too. :D

Have a good one, get some rest too once your settled in at your folks.

Jill said...

What are you doing posting at 4am?! I hope the move is going well today-at least it's rain and not ice :-)

Annie said...

I'm so happy for you! Enjoy the ride and have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I wish I had some good gossip to share on text, but nothing interesting is going on, and I don't know how to text. ;) I'm thinking about you all of the time, hoping being home will make you comfortable and relaxed. Let me know if you need some company. 671-9814 MWAH! Marisa

Anonymous said...

ok I saw the sunshine today and I hope that you did too. Hoping that once you're all settled in you'll think about hooking up with Dr. Van Merkle 937-433-3241or at least checking out his website or giving him a call. he's all about nutrition and using it to combat bad stuff in your this cancer that you are trying to kick! check him out & at least consider...he's had amazing results! with love from your favorite yaya ST

Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa,
Here's some good wishes for you and your family together at home. Relax and let them do for you, and savor the goodness of being there with the ones you love the most, including John, of course. I'm flying to NC to see my daughter and family tomorrow, but I'll be thinking of you all. I'll check this blog for the latest scoop. When I come back, I'll call to see if you want visitors. Peace and love, Mari Lou

Judy B said...

Melissa: I was given an update on you from Carolyn Lakes - who works at PriMed Cardiology. We realized one day we both knew YOU!!! Go figure. And i'm just catching up on what's going on with you. Lisa W gave me your blog... Let's just say "Yikes!" doesn't seem to cut it. I hope you're settled at home. Will continue to follow you. Love ya - Judy now Beckman - formerly Hayes.

Anonymous said...

hope you had a safe trip... i like donuts especially chocolate .... thinking of you and following your motto in my life..... B positive ( although i don't know my blood type) your are all inspiring....merry

Anonymous said...

Hello Melissa! Just wanted to send our thoughts & prayers! You are very brave & strong woman! Hang in there! Cherie(Bucheit) & Brian Clark

PS Tell your Mom & Dad we said Hello & we send our love!!!