Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oops....I did it again....

Another day that should have been focused on "resting" and updating my blog didnt turnt out as we had hoped. Now Ive got to share my new found obsession with Facebook with my, now, here's my new promise for FRIDAY, DECEMBER 12th:

Tomorow you will be updated on the following rumors/facts:
  • Again I apologize for the five day blogging hiatus. I REEEALY have o excuse, Really I don't. I have time to do it.
  • The day finally got around to deem my chest tube clear enough pull, they also ran an other ultrasound that showed quite a bit of fluid on my left lung (previously untouched). The ultrasound showed just over 500 ml AND the offcial amount came out two about 1500 ml....crazy, huh.
  • Felt great afterwards.
  • Had another "episode" that night where I couldt breathe and was rushed to the ICU.
  • Ended up in the ICU for 3 days. These dates will be detailed tomorrow to the best of my (Mom's journals) abilities.
  • After three days, I was awaken by a stern looking Dr. Romer. I saw this coming. His suggestion was Hospice. Shocker! The ambulance showed up probably a 1/2 hour later.
  • What a treat! Nice big rooms, and lets face it, I havent gotten a breath of fresh air i like TWO WEEKS!!!

Anyway......this is what Ill be updating tomorrow and mom, I apologize for all the empty promises of the last two hours. Here you go.


Anonymous said...

Hugs MO....Fort..
You Looked Good at Hospice Today...No wonder You havent Gotten this Blog Updated.... I know today You've Had over 25 Guests stop by for a Bit today.
So Much for Rest...LOL
Hugs, Thoughts, and Prayers MO..


SurlyTammy said...

Fort, We love ya and try and get some rest. Philly and Tammy

Karyn said...

Your sense of humor makes me smile...I can just hear you talking when I read your blog! Rest and relax and take it easy girl, love you and continuing to pray for all of you!

a said...

What an amazing woman you are! :)
I am sending all my positive energy your way!

Amy Borders

angelsamoungus said...

Know that you are thought of everyday. Your sense of humor also makes me smile. Tell your mom heh and that you are both loved.


Anonymous said...

What can I say that anyone else here has not.........this strength you're pulling from wherever, is more than amazing! (I'm sure your family and friends are the fuel for your fire!)
Keep fighting kid!
Love, thoughts and prayers, ( which I did do this morning and have proof!..........I can provide a note from the priest, if necessary!!!)
Mike, Les, Ty & Kris

Netti said...

Get some rest Fort. Glad to hear you are doing better!

Anonymous said...

Fort, you are in our thoughts. Much love to you and your family.
Now, get some rest!
Ruth & Lytle

Anonymous said...

Hey Fort,

Sending you a big hug from me and the boys! I hope you're doing well. Please rest and get better!

I'll be praying for ya,


Anonymous said...

I am going to say what everyone else has said!! Get some rest lady! You are truely amazing and keep staying strong:) Jami

Anonymous said...

Lots of positive vibes sent to you from San Diego/Charleston.

Anonymous said...

All the best positive thoughts for you and your family!!! You're an inspiration to so many of us, in such a variety of ways!!!

Signed, one of your anonymous fans in Cincinnati

Anonymous said...

hang in there and get some rest. postives vibes coming your way from Topeka, KS.

Pam said...

Melissa -
Prayers and positive energy to you and your amazing family. Thank you for sharing your humor, courage and strength.

Anonymous said...

Thank for the update!! I was going to point out grammatical errors, but I know you're all whacked out on goofballs.
I'm sending out positive energy and a very poor attempt at humor!!
Pauly the Bastard

Tony said...

Man, that Pauly guy is a jerk, huh? Sorry but I have to take every opportunity to throw him under the bus. Fort, I don't know that there's been many minutes the past few days that you haven't been in my thoughts. I'd pray if I did that sort of thing, but I think that might be counter-productive. So instead I'll just keep sending positive thoughts your way. You amaze me. And don't worry, I'll take care of that Pauly fella for you. See you soon. GET BETTER! And try to laugh a bit. It truly is the best medicine.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully you'll get some rest. You're amazing and I pray for you everyday! Love you!

Aunt Linda

Anonymous said...


Annie said...

Thanks so much for the update. You're always on my mind, and I'm sending you lots of love and positive thoughts!

Aileen said...

Hear you are getting some help with Drew's scrapbook. I'm sure you'll be glad to have one less project to worry about.
May head over that way when Erin and Chris are well enough. May just work guard duty on your door. I hear the amount of traffic has been ridiculous! You need all the rest you can get right now. No need to feel a need to entertain people all day and night. Take care of YOU!!! Eat , sleep , plenty of fluids , sleep , using your breathing machine and more sleep. Oh , and many hours of
cuddle time with your drop dead sexy hubby. That's it! Dr. Horch's orders!

Patrick Reilly said...

You astound me, kiddo. You're a continual source of inspiration and an example that I think of often to keep me from getting cynical out here on La Frontera. I would say that you're loved more than you know, but I gotta say, the messages here and on Facebook are more than enough evidence to show how many people that you have in your corner.

Get some rest, love, and tell Pauly the Bastard that I have exclusive rights to needling people for their grammatical faux pas.

Much, much love--Reilly and Nic

Anonymous said...

Melissa, well I guess I'll make a reservation to stop by and check your new digs sometime this weekend.was heading that way but heard that the MM gang was on their way and figured that was enough primary interaction for you for the day. you & your mom know you are on my heart and in my ongoing prayers each and everyday. be easy with yourself and pace yourself...don't be afraid to hang the "Melissa is resting, please come back later" sign. if you don't have one I'll make you one... I love you and am praying for the return of your strength. lovefavorite yaya st

Anonymous said...

You need to get some rest lady (does that sound like a Mom?). Thanks for the update - you do spoil us. Gee I thought Pauly was awfully nice for a change tee hee. I know you love all the socializing and hear you have some nice digs to entertain in. Do remember to eat, sleep and play with that breathing contraption. Continued prayers, love and hugs are coming your way from the West. Facebook has to be loving you and Pam - We're so happy our daughters care enough to link us up with the latest communication fad. Again, lots of big hugs for all. I have to reiterate that you are one amazing person. Love you, Sue

mcintoma said...

I know we haven't met...but I feel that I know you just by talking to your dad at work. The man just thinks you are the most amazing, beautiful person in the world! And I'm sure you are! He has so much pride in you being his daughter.

My husband and I keep you, John and your family in our thoughts and prayers.

Nancy Kramer said...

Sorry I missed you the other day, but Faffs & Krebs said it was great to see you! We're all thinking of you tons and will come visit when we have time! You are amazing and we love you!

Mark (an ex-DARC Rugger) said...

Just adding to the recurring theme, sending positive and healing thoughts your way. Take it easy and get plenty of rest.

Anonymous said...

Fort, you are truly an amazing person. How you maintain a positive and humorous attitude is a wonder and an inspiration. Hang in there, honey! We love you!
The Schreels

Das Bear said...

Leah, Delaney and I are sending well wishes and positive energy.

And yeah, Facebook is kind of addictive, in an good, evil kind of way.

Anonymous said...

We are thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way --- your attitude and courage is truly inspiring. Take care and get some rest.
Andy and Sara Santoli

Misti said...

So glad to hear that you are perking up! The Schenkes are sending their good energy your way. Keep doing whatever it is that is making you feel better!